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Polymyalgia Rheumatica: caused by gluten &/or milk protein sensitivitY?

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concerned lady
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Default Polymyalgia Rheumatica: caused by gluten &/or milk protein sensitivitY?

My aunt (in her early 80's) is thought to have Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

From googling, it appears to be an auto immune condition.

Therefore, I'm suspecting it might be due to a gluten sensitivity &/or a milk protein sensitivity.

Does anyone know anyone who "cured" their Polymyalgia Rheumatica, by going gluten-free & milk protein-free?

I've suggested to my aunt, that she try going g-f and milk protein-free for at least a month. She's feeling OK, since she's on steroids, but I warned her of the dire side effects of steroids, so am looking for harmless ways to cure her!

Thanks in advance!

Cara & Mrs. D--if you're out there, let me know what you think about this.


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Is she taking statins?

Did she get vaccines?

The elderly sometimes can no longer make certain nutrients due to aging.

CoQ-10 (depleted by statins too)
Lipoic acid.

Acetyl carnitine especially enables mitochondria to work better.

This is my mitochondria thread from PN:

It is becoming more apparent that mito damage may cause many symptoms as we age. Antibiotics damage mitochondria, for example.

My impression of Polymyalgia is that it is more a descriptive
disorder, like Fibromyalgia.
Long term use of steroids in high dose in the elderly are highly problematic for bone density and other reasons. They also cause muscle weakness.

I'd try a good quality aqueous CoQ-10 product and see if the muscles improve. Muscles and the heart use large amounts of CoQ-10, and if it is low, then pain, stiffness and loss of strength happen.

Q-gel is one quality form. If using this only 100mg a day is needed. Another which I am trialing so far with good results, is
Qunol ubiquinol, the activated form. Costco had it on sale recently and it seems to work well for me.

Prices for this newer more soluble form are coming down recently so they are more affordable.

So I'd start with CoQ-10 in some form first. YOu can PM me with further questions any time.
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My Mood: Polymyalgia Rheumatica: caused by gluten &/or milk protein sensitivitY?


My mum has this condition, a little exercise goes a long way, but so does a good rest. I notice stress triggers her attacks. If she gets upset or does too much. Steroids is a last resort.
The trouble with this illness is there is no test for it just illimination. A good diet will always benefit. But at your aunts age Im afraid these pains may simply be due to age and lack of regular movement.

I would try reassuring her that she is ok and this new diagnosis is not to be worried about. However it may do her good to get some anti inflammatories from her doctor.

Take care
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Default It is an autoinmune disease

I dosent have nothing to do with gluten or milk, the body stops would not recognize the body and builds white cells ,the nerves inside the muscles become very sensitive and inflamated.
The SED rate goes up, mine the first time went to 174, I could not lift my arms and was horrible,was anemic because I stop building red cells because I was making only white cells.
I refused the medications because of the side effects, I had it for a year, my cure then
was that I believed I needed to grow red cells, went on a trip for a month to the Andes because I knew at 13 thousand feet my body will create more red cells, I had shots of B 12 , after 14 months with PMR it was gone.
It came back 3 years later lasted 6 months and now I have again my SED high.
Gluten, milk do not create PMR.
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