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Does it really matter if you have Celiac or "just" an intolerance?

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My Mood: Does it really matter if you have Celiac or "just" an intolerance?

Originally Posted by ifthespiritmovesme View Post
I'm glad you will be able to start adding things back in to your food list. That is just WAY too complicated for me! I haven't investigated if any other foods bother me. I would say that nothing seems to bother me, but I didn't know gluten bothered me till I gave it up and noticed the HUGE difference it made in my energy, sleep, pain and stiffness. I may have to give up some foods for my thyroid - we'll see after I get all these tests run.

I'm a veteran and get care at the VA. They won't do allergy testing.

I am having a fight with them about getting the tests I need for my thyroid. If you don't fit precisely into one of their normal little boxes, they don't want to help you. In the past 6 months, I have learned so much about it, and unfortunately, I now know more about my problem than my Endo. doc does! That's sad.....

Well, Girl, I gotta go to bed....Hope you have a good night.
My Dad goes to the VA also. It is great to get his check-ups and stuff, but such a hassle sometimes. He has many issues and it gets complicated. It amazes me how doctors are...I often see drs and have to educate them on RSD/CRPS. It is sad, but good that you are educating yourself.

I need to hit the hay also. Hope you have a good night too
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It's easier if you are Celiac because many people don't respect Gluten sensitivity as an illness.
I tell people I am Celiac, its easier that way.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Nanc (02-16-2015)
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Welcome Grundle.
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My husband's family has celiac disease and both he and my daughter have celiac disease. My husband's sister thought that she had celiac disease but after getting tested it ended up that she had an ulcer that mimicked the symptoms...all she had to do was to take care of the ulcer. She doesn't need to eat gluten free.

I would definitely get tested but you have to be eating gluten for a few weeks before the test.

BTW our pediatrician also told me that our daughter didn't have CD. I just stood firm and told him that I wanted to blood test--period. It is a genetic disease.

Best to you,
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My Mood: Does it really matter if you have Celiac or "just" an intolerance?

This is the first time I have looked at this forum. I have Parkinsons Disease and a member of the PD forum. In December I have bad intestinal crisis after consuming way too much delicious freshly ground kamut grain sourdough bread that I had started making. Gas and bloating extreme/ eyes became dry red and painful and I felt so bad. I had been almost gluten free before September when I received the sourdough starter for this wonderful bread and started making it. I went to the health department and she concurred that it very well could all be stemming from celiac or sensitivity...either way try going gluten free again. I am still making the bread for others that love it. Managed to not eat any for several weeks. This week ate a corner that broke off when I was bagging sliced bread for a friend...and within hours my eyes hurt and were so red and dry again...hadn't had that for several weeks...arthritis flared worse also and bloating discomfort.. Not fun is it??? Have created a few recipes and tried some from books that work well and will share some when I have time if you all have a recipe post...gotta go See ya soon Aunt Bean
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Originally Posted by Grundle View Post
It's easier if you are Celiac because many people don't respect Gluten sensitivity as an illness.
I tell people I am Celiac, its easier that way.
Actually people dont respect "gluten-free" diets, because many people think its a vanity thing. Many people go on gf diets, they cheat a little, and they dont even know why GF diets are. THEY DONT realy gf diets are for people with gluten sensitivity,wheat allergy, or celiacs.
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I've read ENOUGH about gluten and I never have been tested, doesn't matter to me...but I like gluten free products much better, I buy a bag of gluten free cookies now and then and live them much more than wheat cookies. Same with crackers, I don't eat pasta anymore, some mac and cheese from whole foods hot deli bar sometimes, have not bought a loaf of bread for 6+ yrs...started to buy gluten free and didn't like this heavy bread, so quit it all....I use beautiful organic lettuce leaves as a sandwich wrap.

If and when I buy a burger out, I'll get a toasted bun, but that is not often. I am not strict but I do prefer the taste overall of gluten free products.

I don't have stomach issues, I do take digestive enzymes and probiotics daily and DGL for stomach protection as I do take ibuprofen daily for OA and Fibro pain.
OA onset at 18, now 79. Fibro onset at 61, Hip Replacement "mess" 72 (nerve damage, IT band damage, shorter leg). Otherwise, pretty good health.

Most important supplement: grape seed extract
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Originally Posted by ifthespiritmovesme View Post
I went gluten free in April 2013. Daughter went GF in hopes of alleviating digestive problems and recommended it to me 2 weeks later, she was so improved.

I requested to be tested for Celiac. Don't know what test was done, but my doc said I don't have Celiac. I have not had a biopsy done, and really don't want one.

Within 10 days of going GF, there was marked improvement in my chronic pain, energy level, and stiffness! I was experiencing restorative sleep for the first time in decades. Also, B-12 levels have skyrocketed.

Not all my problems are relieved, so there is more to be investigated, but the bottom line is that I cannot eat gluten!! If I slip up and indulge in something containing gluten, I will FEEL it within 3-4 hours, and it will stay with me sometimes a day or 2. The effect on me is an increase in myofascial pain and stiffness.

To me, it doesn't matter if I have Celiac or not - the treatment is the same, right? I just can't eat gluten. Do I need to find out if it's Celiac?
The treatment is the same. You sound like your intolerant, like me. I have also heard if you don't stay away from gluten, at least most of the time, it can turn into Celiac. We don't want that!
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