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Graves Disease and Hyperthyroid and Celiac Disease

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Default Graves Disease and Hyperthyroid and Celiac Disease

Graves Disease and Hyperthyroid and Celiac Disease

Has anyone had any experience with Celiac Disease and Hyperthyroidism or Graves Disease?

My youngest has been experiencing a lot of fatigue which I thought might be related to her anemia but was shocked when the doctor called last Friday to say he thinks she might have Graves Disease.

I did notice her reflexes were slightly hyper and her hands were slightly shakey at the doctors office and she never stops eating and only weighs 98 pounds. So, the symptoms fit.

She has been gluten free since March of 06. I was disappointed that this happened while being gluten free. I am wondering if the vitamins she takes might be encouraging this disease???

She was on asthma meds for years but for the last 5 months is medicine and asthma free.

She is taking:
Carlson Vitamin D3 2000-4000 IU daily
Country Life co-enzyme B-complex daily
Efa Gold Nature’s Way Borage 1000 mg 1 softgel 3 times a week
Nature’s Way Completia Prenatal Vitamin 1 tablet 2 times a day

Before GF in 2005 her TSH was 1.4 (0.35-5.5) and T4 was 13.1 (4.5-10.9)
After GF in June 06 her TSH was 1.92 and T4 was 8.9
After GF in Nov 06 her TSH was 5.4
After GF in June 07 her TSH was 0.01 (0.35-5.5), her Total T4 is 15.1 (4.5-12.0), her T3 Free is 761 (230-420)

I am wondering if giving her Vitamin D could have spiked this???? Her vitamin D3 at one time was 18 but is now up to a healthy 49.

How about Borage oil????

What about her prenatal vitamins with Iodine made with pacific kelp powder??? She is getting 75mcg’s of iodine everyday while taking her prenatal vitamins because of her low iron. I just looked this up. I wonder if this is the cause. (She was taking this as per doctor’s advice because she had a dramatic drop in iron, ferritin, and saturation during Celiac Challenge in 2006.)

She will get her thyroid uptake scan on Monday and Tuesday.

Here are some interesting sites people have sent me.




Thanks for any advice or help.

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Hi there,

Iodine is what the thyroid uses to make thyroid hormone. A person who is hypERthyroid should be "AVOIDING" supplemental iodine - not taking it!

However, a person who is LOW on hormone (hyPOthryoid) may need iodine, but rarely do they need extra above what they get in their diet. When you see "thyroid support" websites, they are usually talking about a slow functioning thyroid, NOT Graves disease.

Iodine is also thought to be a trigger for Graves disease.

I've got Graves and I do not take any vitamins with iodine, no seaweed or seafood, no iodized salt. No energy bars (Power Bars, et al), Ensure or Carnation Instant Breakfast (et al), since they all contain lots of added iodine. Some sauces, cream, chocolate milk, salad dressings, even ice cream contain "carageenan" which is seaweed - it's VERY high in iodine. Same with Red Dye 3. All of those should be avoided by a person who has Graves disease (hyPERthyroid).

Here's more:


How Iodine Contributes to Graves' Disease

Iodine is a well-known trigger of autoimmune thyroid disease. As long ago as 1956, Switzerland’s Dr. H. C. A. Vogel explained that the introduction of supplemental iodine to iodine-deficient regions caused a considerable rise in the incidence of Graves’ disease. According to Vogel, in Switzerland, once known for its high incidence of iodine deficiency, Graves’ disease was once unheard of. Vogel noticed many patients troubled by palpitations shortly after iodine was introduced. While the incidence of hypothyroidism caused by iodine deficiency markedly declined, the incidence of hyperthyroidism escalated. Vogel explains that it’s the unnatural formulation of supplemental iodine that causes the problem.

Recent studies by Dr. Nathan Rose of Johns Hopkins University confirm that iodine does indeed cause autoimmune hyperthyroidism in genetically susceptible individuals. Although few patients are ever tested for these antibodies, a significant number of GD patients have antibodies to the iodide symporter mechanism which regulates iodine uptake. Alterations caused by these antibodies may be responsible for the sensitivity of GD patients to iodine. Iodine also triggers thyroid antibody production since thyroid hormone contains approximately 67% iodine.

While most physicians now warn their hyperthyroid patients to avoid iodine, many hidden sources of iodine make this a near impossible feat. Besides iodized salt, iodine is present in many medicines, such as the heart medicine amiodarone. Furthermore, iodine is a component of most multi-vitamin and mineral preparations. Iodine is used in the care and feeding of animals, as a stabilizer, and/or safety element in food processing, and it is a component of food dyes. The richest sources of iodine include kelp, seaweed, iodized salt, dairy products, fish, processed meats, pudding mixes, candies, frozen dinners, “fast” food and foods containing artificial colorings.
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Default Ice-cream and Horse feed

Thanks Boatkitten!

I was surprised to read that carageenan is kelp....my daughter eats quite a bit of ice-cream so maybe that may be an added reason she has developed this.

And the mention of animal feed...she just got off the phone and said she was feeding her friends 2 horses and dog for a week while they are on vacation. I told her to wear a mask...but I am sure this won't happen unless I go with her!

Thanks for the link, it is very helpful.

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My Mood: Graves Disease and Hyperthyroid and Celiac Disease

I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease in the past. Now I know what to look for I realise I have had a whole range of problems that come from a non-diagnosis of CD. Things I thought were totally unrelated are now making sense. I had mine treated with medications and now my thyroid output is pretty normal. Someimes mu bilirubin is a little elevated and my doctors says, "oh that's because of the Graves Disease".

I remember being pretty shaky there for quite awhile.
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Default Graves Disease and Celiac Disease

Hi Jocelyn,
Sorry to hear you have graves and Celiac. What meds did you take? How long have you had graves? When did you get the celiac dx?

My daughter is doing pretty good now. Her FT3 and FT4 are back to normal and TSH is still very low >.01 but it has only been 6 weeks or so. Her energy is getting better. But she did come down with Bronchitus or Pneumonia but seems to be getting better...I hope....she is in college and not resting much.
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My Mood: Graves Disease and Hyperthyroid and Celiac Disease

Llonghair I had graves disease some time ago and I am not sure whether the two were connected at all. However I have strong suspicions that it was. I was/am a complete bread lover. I think bread is by far the best food ever. However around 25 years ago I realised it was not good for me. Ever since then I have been restricting overt wheat products most of the time. However it is the times when I eat wheat flours that my digestive problems escalate. I never thought of CD as my problemis constipation, bloating and burping. I was thinking of just another allergy.I am asthmatic and I am lactose intolerant.
In Febuary 2001 I had a positive IgA blood test, but my doctor dismissed it as not worth bothering about. It was only recently that I tried a gluten challenge and now I am convinced.
As for my Graves disease it is now under control and I don't need to take any more medications for it. However my bilirubin levels are often higher than normal. This my doctor tells me is 'a bit of graves disease".
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My daughter nr 2 had graves and it was discovered very late, in her twenties in 2000. But she had it way before according to symptoms, but she was never tested for it.
She the was put on antithyroid meds. Stayed on them for a while, and then started thyroxine too as the ft4 was low and SH was climbing.
Then three years ago or so it came back (some months after her doctor stopped thyroxine because of low TSH, TSH is a known trigger of graves...) and this time they were talking about operation or radioactive iodine......she did not want that.
I suggested she try gluten-free. She always had stomach problems anyway.
Some days after she started gf, she got much better and stomach pain stopped. Never heard about the graves again, the antibodies just vanished. She then got a diagnosis of celiac (with negative blood tests and biopsies) and is on some thyroxine (has anti-TPO).
The smallest amount of iodine in vitamin tablets make me sick. But many authorities say about 150µg does no harm. But it bothers me.

Go google for Elaine Moore, she has a couple of websites where she has a lot of articles on graves and autoimmunity and what triggers graves. She also often mentions on the forums she is on wheat triggers graves ans autoimmunity. She always answers on the forums. She told me she is gluten-free too herself.

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Default Go Gluten free all the way

Hi Longhair,

I have been reading your posts and hope you will read this. My name is Melania and I'm a dietitian. I also have Graves Disease. Not consuming iodine only treats symptoms of the Graves and not the actual Graves Disease. Though, yes, Iodine is crucial to limit, it is imperative your daughter stops consuming foods with gluten. THese foods all include baked goods, breads, pastas, canned soups, processed meats and cheese, almost all bread products. The foods without gluten fish, poulty, bacon, block cheese, vegtables, fruits, and dairy products, excpet no ice-cream.

If she is able to stop eatin gluten I am confident she can reverse her disease. Of course, have her levels tested. I am reversing mine and it has been 3 months since I have been disgnosed. I'm on Tapazole, 20mgs daily, but no gluten. Feel free to post if you want to discuss off-line, I am happy to assist your daughter and yourself.
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Hi Nora,
I think I caught up with you on Elaines site.

Here is the lates info on my DD

June 2007
TSH....... ..Low <0.01 (r.35-5.5)
Total T4....High 15.1 (r 4.5-12)
FT3...........High 761 (r 230-420)
24 hour Nuclear Thyroid Uptake High 67% (r10-30%)
Diagnosed Graves although Elaine Moore said an uptake under 70% is more like mild hyperthyroidism.

September 2007
My daughter's blood work is back. The tests aren't the same ones as before but 2 look good. She is taking PTU 50mg 2x a day
TSH...........Low <0.01 (r.35-5.5)
FT4...........Normal 1.20 (r .89-1.80)
FT3...........Normal 3.5 (r 2.4-4.2)
Chromium....Low Normal 0.3 (r 0.0-2.1)
Zinc...........Low Normal 67 (r 60-120)
Selenium…….Normal 79 (r 23-190)

November 2007
TSH.......normal at 1.1 (r.35-5.5)
FT4........Low at .85 (r .89-1.80)
FT3........Normal low 2.8 (r 2.4-4.2)
Copper...Low 66 (r 80-155)
Zinc........Low 41 (r 60-120)

My daughter has been on a gluten free diet since (I think) March 2006. We did find she was getting some rye at the local ice cream store in late spring which had told us they checked all and it was GF in 2005. So this may have brought on the problem. Otherwise she is gluten free all the time but is away at school and is getting special chef made GF meals everyday.

The Endo only sent labs and said she needed to come back in 4-6 weeks. I am going to reduce her PTU to 25mg 2x a week and see if this helps. I will write more to you Mlshanna maybe on Sunday as I would like some help Thanks.
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Originally Posted by Llonghair View Post

She has been gluten free since March of 06. I was disappointed that this happened while being gluten free. I am wondering if the vitamins she takes might be encouraging this disease???
Did you research what kind of effects soy and tapioca have on thyroid? I noticed that tapioca and soy flours are used often in gluten-free cookies and breads. One of my co-workers, who has some issues with thyroid, is very careful to avoid soy, tapioca, cabbage, spinach.
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