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Sensitive/Painful to touch skin on my right temple.

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Default Please keep in mind if you have any sudden headache

With some of the symptoms I see described I want to be sure everyone alerts the DR to check the carotid arteries, at least with an ultrasound on the neck. My husbands headache was sudden and severe, though he had more symptoms than I see described here, some are familiar. Two Ers even a specialty well known teaching hospital er sent him home with a virus diagnosis with not one single ultrasound of the neck or even listening for a bruit with a stethoscope.

He did indeed have an extensive double internal carotid artery dissection. This was also missed by a neurologist. Drs had been trained that this was a rare occurrence in young people or people without trauma so they didn't look for it. It is indeed found to be the most common reason for stroke in young people. The less invasive testing now has discovered this. His was diagnosed after a MRA with contrast He had all the other testing, CT,ct contrast, mri, mri contrast, spinal tap, with the ers and neurologist, none were for this though, none were the MRA, or MRA contrast. No one did the simple neck ultrasound. A stethoscope listen can miss a bruit, but none of those were done either. He was diagnosed five months later at the mayo clinic in MN. He is extremely lucky to be alive.

I came here to see about my temporal sensitivity (slight, to the touch) . But some severe symptoms written here, and the lack of thinking about this possibility in the responses made me feel the need to bring this up.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Dr. Smith (02-10-2014)
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Jennifer, thanks for your post.
Hopw is your husband doing now?
Yes it is often that doctors miss things. I feel there is so much responsibility on the patient. Sometimes we go from one docter to another. I
I was reading your post. Yes, theese were good reminders.
It was almost as if it was written to me.
I am having severe headache with throbbing, cramping bloodvessels in my temporal botht sides, but left more. I also have vasculitis. So I am pretty sure it could be temporal arteritis.
I am also on ASA and Plavix, So I am in a hurry, for my doc to call my neurovascular doc this am. I am requesting Ct brain, and a temporal artery biopsy. I have a note from my rheumatologist to request this.
My neurovascular doc will do a cerebral angiogram. I also want him to screen for aneurysm. I have a 2 years history on cerebral aneurysm
I will also ask re. Coratid Dopler
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Hi! I have been feeling the same pain for about a week. The pain started right next to my eye and now it seems that it has dissipated a bit. The pain is almost gone. I was wondering if those of you who had it knew what caused it?

Thanks in advance.
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Have same symptons. Did you ever find out what it was?

Originally Posted by Utah Chris View Post
I am a 28 year old, caucasian, male who's had sensitive skin to the touch on my right temple on my head for the past 1-2 months.

Vocation: Optometrist
Medical history: Unremarkable
Eye-related history: Unremarkable.
Headache history: NONE

It only hurts when I graze it it softly or rub moderately. Increased pressure from my fingers does not necessarily mean an increase in pain or sensitivity. On gross observation it looks as normal as the other temple on the left side. No lumps or anything. I do not get headaches, excluding an occasion tension headache that will radiate from the right side of my neck to the right side of the head (probably a tension related) lasting 2-3 seconds. This feels different though. When I'm not touching it I don't feel it, when I fun my fingers over my right temple I feel it. Does this sound like anything I should be concerned about? Doctors out there--quality imput would be appreciative.
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Originally Posted by Neurotalk2016 View Post
Hi! I have been feeling the same pain for about a week. The pain started right next to my eye and now it seems that it has dissipated a bit. The pain is almost gone. I was wondering if those of you who had it knew what caused it?

Thanks in advance.
Did you evr hear back from anyone on what caused the sensation?
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Default Sos

Has anyone found an answer to this? The memo about the carotid artery thing has me freaked out. I’ve had left temple pain with light touch that shoots to the back of my head for 9 months now.
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My Mood: Sensitive/Painful to touch skin on my right temple.

Hi tambamd87

Welcome to NeuroTalk .

You and tennis12 might find it helpful to use the Search command (https://www.neurotalk.org/search.php).

You can use it to search for posts from other members about topics related to carotid arteries which may assist you both.

Best wishes.
Knowledge is power.
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