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Default Neurofeedback question

Hello all. I've seen similar posts on this topic, but they were all a few years old so I'd like to come with some new questions. I unfortunately like some others, have experienced what I believe to be side effects from neurofeedback(Braincore therapy). Prior to treatment, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and obsessive type thoughts. I underwent 30 sessions, and probably should have done some more research before starting with this particular practitioner. I have read about side effects being brought on by unexperienced operators...

Basically after the sessions, I've been put on xanax and an antidepressant to control my constant anxiety, the repeating of song lyrics, and the general ruminating pattern that my thoughts seem to have now. It's like im stuck in a loop. Imagine a hamster running on a wheel... going and going but getting nowhere. I would almost say its intensified what I was feeling before therapy.

Now, I'm 26 and its been 2 years. My thoughts are still affected by the treatment. I've done ALOT of research trying to figure this out myself... even as far as thinking about using "magic mushrooms" or LSD to try and trip or reset my brainwaves back to somewhat normal.

Sorry for the rant, but I guess my question would be, is it worth it to seek out another practitioner in hopes of progress? Or would a single dose of a psychedelic substance be beneficial in rediscovering myself? I dont need judgement. I need the opinions of people with knowledge, good or bad. Also, anyone who feels alone or isolated because they dont think anyone else has struggled with this, don't feel that way. I'd be glad to listen.
Thank you for reading
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anxiety, practitioner, research, sessions, struggled

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