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Morgan Herritage
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Originally Posted by mrsD View Post
Dr. Smith:

I do understand your point of view. However, sadly, there are many doctors who are prescribing medications without understanding how to do so safely.

My major concern on this forum is to alert patients to the risks while using these medications. Methadone, which is becoming very popular and common now, is the only opiod that can cause death with normal doses, because of its tendency to cause irregular heart beats. This is called long QT syndrome, and I have posted here and on the chronic pain forum here about it.
There are doctors out there still who do NOT know this about Methadone. So it is up to the patient to inform themselves about it.

This forum is not here to discourage medication use. But is for patients to inform themselves about the medications they use and often in combination with other drugs, so that when an alarming side effect presents, they can seek helpful medical intervention. If a doctor minimizes a patient's concern, which often happens, there are choices that patient can take.

I believe that all drugs have potential for harm. Even aspirin.
Even Tylenol. Those two drugs cause much harm over the long haul in some patients.

Here is a new article explaining the links between OTC and RX anti-inflammatories, and the heart:

Each patient I believe should understand the benefits of a medication vs the risk taking it. Gone are the days of putting yourself 100% in your doctors hands for day to day treatments.

My neighbor did not research Naproxen RX and took it for 3 yrs every day. She had a massive GI hemorrhage, and was in intensive care for 13 days, and almost died. Did she share with me her use of this drug? Nope... Did her doctor give it freely...yep. I personally think her treatment could have been better. But she didn't know that.



I really think having a platform like NeuroTalk is like having a Consumer Reports venue. We check Consumer reports before making a major purchase in this house. Likewise I research all medications I take for my pain issues and other problems.

This forum is here for those with questions about their medications. People who find us here are looking for answers, to some issue that troubles them.
I just got put on methadone. My doctor ordered an ekg before I started treatment and I have to get one after a while of treatment. He told me to stay away from NSAIDs. Told me to be very careful. I am also on norco 3x a day. He seems to be very wise and I will follow the rules.
Synthetic right hamate hook.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
mrsD (12-03-2012)
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Originally Posted by ConsiderThis View Post
I have some bad memories related to being refused vitamins and forcefully administered FDA approved drugs.

I have some bad memories related to people taking control of me by saying I was a danger to myself when I wasn't.

In 1997 the bankruptcy court clerks couldn't find something I'd filed, and I said that if things that were supposed to protect me kept failing me that there was going to come a time when I'd kill myself... so the police were called; there were very wide hallways in the old bankruptcy court building in Albuquerque and they totally filled up with armed police. I was taken away to a mental hospital and in the course of events shot up with Haldol against my will. (My roommate was having electroshock therapy against her will, and to my surprise when I told the techs that she was not wanting a man who had come to visit touch her, they said, oh... she didn't speak much English and so it was hard for them to know what she was saying, but the man was her husband and he brought her in for shock therapy every so often... They told me, also, that she was catatonic without it... but she had helped me rearrange my bed and had smiled and communicated with me without words from the time she had been brought in.)

Later, when I read the hospital papers when I was going to try to sue, it said I had barricaded myself in at the IRS building... I wasn't even at the IRS building, much less had I barricaded myself in to anything.

(I was living in the home with hydrogen sulfide by the time I tried to sue, pro se, so there was little chance I could have succeeded, especially given that the judge would not allow me to read and I couldn't keep things straight when I tried to just say them.)

The mental hospital experience was extremely traumatic. It was after that that I first was unable to get my mind to work properly -- Gosh, I just feel like crying.

By "work properly" I'm not referring to memory alone, but to working memory, where you have more than one thing in mind at one time and then compare or contrast, etc.

So now it is extremely scary to me when someone "knows" what was best for me and makes it clear that if I don't agree then I am a danger to myself and can be forced to do as they think is best...

I think I feel so strongly because it was just horrible. They used to throw me to the floor, people I had trusted would surround me and throw me to the floor. (The man who I lived with was supposed to get a lawyer, but he was really a fraud and was looking for a way to get my property. He's in jail now because another woman was more clever than me and had evidence to have him prosecuted.)

I have felt scared a lot of the time ever since that experience.

Haldol is very scary because it can cause shaking for which there is no cure. But, it also as far as I can tell, does brain damage ... It might not do that if someone is not B12 deficient. I don't know. But I was B12 deficient. Only they said that if I had a level of 181, I think it was, that it was normal. They refused to give me a B12 shot or vitamin A which I used to control nasal drainage and without which I couldn't sleep. They said vitamin B12 and vitamin A were too dangerous.

But the Haldol... fine, despite the fact that it sometimes causes "unexplained" death. Haldol is, of course, FDA approved.

I find the established beliefs of people who profit and don't really care about the effects to be devastating.

Therefore, I think it is important that people pay attention to their own health, keep notes on what symptoms they have and how those symptoms are affected by things they take... then, do more for themselves of the things that help them.
You bring up a great and critical point. The unfortunate truth is that many personal experiences (of hospitals, drugs, ethical treatment of “mentally ill,” and so on) like yours are not congruent with the “patient’s rights” or general, public understanding of what would ideally be a [fundamentally] guaranteed statement, as in the descriptions of services offered by a particular treatment program or doctor or court report. In the end, we only know for sure after a personal experience. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if people had enough information and awareness of what they are saying “yes” or “no” to beforehand?
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Dr. Smith
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Default Pain Management

A couple of well-written easy to understand guides regarding pain management medications...

A Patient's Guide to: Medication Approach to Chronic Pain

A Patient's Guide to Pain Management Medications

Dr. Zachary Smith
Oh, the pain... THE PAIN...

Dr. Smith is NOT a medical doctor. He was a character from LOST IN SPACE.
All opinions expressed are my own. For medical advice/opinion, consult your doctor.
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Originally Posted by Jo*mar View Post
Thanks for this.

Licorice came out as a possible issue -- depending on this or that.

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25 Search Engines Every Medical Professional Should Bookmark | NursingDegree.net
These forums are for mutual support and information sharing only. The forums are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
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