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Hypersensitivity in the penis (irritated & prickly)

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Originally Posted by hiriser32 View Post
I have been to numerous MDs in the past for this condition and have had no real success in curing it. It kind of went away on its on many years ago and as of last week it is back. The area from the foreskin scar of the penis to the very tip is extremely hypersensitive. If nothing is touching it (if im naked) i do not know that there is a real issue, but as soon as i put underwear on, that problem starts. The problem is of course walking and doing anything active and the underwear that it rubs against. The more I do the worse if irritates. I realize this is an area that most people shy away from talking about, but I have no other options at this point. A Dermatologist that I saw many years ago and just saw again yesterday told me that he thought it to be nerve related, not skin. He suggested an MRI or for me to see a Neurologist and possibly have a nerve conduction study performed on me (read details online and it seems that that would be painful or impossible?) He also gave me a Rx for Amitryptilline 10 mg. Any feedback or ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you!
So sorry you have this problem. It must be very difficult for you to talk about. My sympathies are with you.
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Originally Posted by NB664 View Post
Hi all

I would’ve responded sooner but I didn’t seem to get notification for the new posts and just happened to look in today.

I guess you know my story from reading my previous posts, I have seen 2 urologists and one dermatologist who referred me to a penile eczema specialist and I’ve been tested for pretty much everything.

As most of my self medication, which consisted mostly of emollients in an attempt to lessen the friction, never had much of an effect I have vastly reduced the application of these, that includes the Topricin, a homeopathic/herbal anti-inflammatory cream which I mentioned in my last post, I only tried a couple of applications and it just seemed to sting so I gave up on that.

So far the reduction in applications had made little noticeable difference so I may continue with that, I have just started my first long walks of the year so I’ll see how it goes.

I am not able able to post links yet but this is by far the best article I have ever read on the subject, you should find it by searching for:
“‘Vegas’ Dysesthesia: Understanding and Improving Management of Groin Dysesthesia” by Richard G. Fried, MD, PhD

I am absolutely certain that what I have is genital dysaesthesia! A top dermatologist diagnosed me with this and has prescribed Pimecrolimus cream. Have you tried this yet? Does it help?

Also, could this condition result from cuts on the penis or use of corticosteroid creams?
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I also wanted to get other peoples opinions on this. So a little over a year and a half ago i had a penile injury where i thought thar potentially i injured my dorsal nerve and/or the pudendal nerve (leading up to this i was having nerve pain with my coccyx where it felt like a nerve was pinching). For roughly 6 months i had hard flaccid and the head of my penis looked like it had tiny bumpy nerve endings and painful recovery from erections/ejaculations (sensitive skin feelings). Then roughly 6 months later i was with a girl (unproteced oral sex on me but protected vaginal sex) and immediately afterwards felt a burning sensation in my "taint" area. I immediately went and was tested for all kinds of std tests (herpes included) and everything came back negative, a few months in and i had persistent irritation and some redness along with it. I was given triamcinolone with an anti fungal treatment which i tried for a few weeks and developed a horrible rash. I stopped immediately after that (it settled down for roughly a week and then symptoms persisted) that was roughly 9 months ago and can agree that when the weather was warm it was a little bit better but as the weather has gotten colder im starting to have quite the flare up again.

I cant help but think that this is stemming back to my penis injury (that girl was just the first one i had sex with after it). At the time i was looking into the therawand for possible treatment, but was afraid to and still am of performing this manual manipulation on myself. I still get erections but notice the same hard flaccid that I've had for the last 19ish months. Has anyone tried physical rehab or possibly trying some treatments in dealing with the pelvic floor? I'm curious as to if this may be part of the cause or if anyone else is noticing anything up with their genitals other than this irritation thar might be out of the norm? (Any sort of nerve flare ups and what not that could be related?) I notice that when its super painful, i get extreme bouts of anxiety/depression and also have bouts of diarrhea and lower back pain. I feel like this could definitely be stemming from the spine as well. I just wanted some other peoples thoughts.
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