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Neurodegenerative symptoms at age 24

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sougata mukherjee
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Default Neurodegenerative symptoms at age 24

i am a 23 year old man and presently,a post graduate student in science in one of India's top universities.But, i have come here to seek some emergency medical advice on issues which are getting more dangerous day by day.To all the readers, I am apologising in advance for this lengthy post but please have the patience to read it entirely and PLEASE ANSWER EACH OF THE 3 QUESTIONS THAT ARE POSTED AT THE END OF MY DISCUSSION.I WILL BE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO ANYONE WHO DOES ME THIS FAVOR.
From childhood, i have been a very intelligent person.I have had a remarkable memory and excellent logical and puzzle solving skills.I was very good at maths and physics and have been chess champion at both school and college level.All of my teachers and fellow friends admitted that i was much more intelligent than most of the students of my age and had a higher IQ.I had outstanding puzzle solving,logical thinking skills.I followed a healthy diet and lifestyle and always remained cheerful.
But, since i have been in college,for the PAST 2 YEARS,I have been ignoring my sleep continuously by staying awake at 2 or 3 am in morning and then having little or no sleep and this has been the story for the past 2 year.I do not exercise or go to gym or play outside.Most of the time, i am busy with my phone, listening to songs and videos using headphones and i now realize that excessive use of these devices can produce brain damaging waves from the loud sound.I have been neglecting my diet and eating less.So,my brain does lack proper nutrition.Actually,the lifestyle changes that i have made have actually changed my body chemistry.I do not feel hungry and as fine and as energetic as before.It is as if i am a completely different person.I understand that my body has changed from inside and all my SLEEP CYCLES,BODY INTERNAL CYCLES AND BODY CLOCK HAVE BEEN severely affected.Nothing seems normal.Further, i have read that prolonged sleeplessness and lack of nutrition can cause accumulation of proteins inside the brain which can damage the nerve cells and kill them.But, these things are NOT THE ONLY REASON that i am posting my story.Please read below.
Apart from the things i listed above, i am addicted to watching excess porn and masturbating, and for the past 6 YEARS ,i have been masturbating 3or 4 times a day.I started it because i felt lot of pleasure but then got addicted to CHRONIC PROLONGED OVERMASTURBATION FOR PAST 6 YEARS.I have made MORE THAN 1000 ATTEMPTS TO STOP IT BUT ALWAYS FAIL.i feel an irresistable urge to masturbate and end after ejaculating again after the previous promise i had made myself to quit it completely.I FEEL SEVERELY DEPRESSED AND LOSS OF SELF RESPECT.I HAVE BECOME EXTREMELY SHORT TEMPERED AND GET ANGRY AT SMALL REASONS.AS IF I HAVE BECOME A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSONALITY.I HAVE NO CONTROL ON MY ANGER.MY FEELINGS ARE NOT THE USUAL ONES THAT I HAD WHILE I WAS IN SCHOOL AND AWAY FROM THESE THINGS.Overtime,i have realized that this addiction is far worse than drugs or alcohol.Though i have never smoked or drank in my life and i do not have other harmful habits,but this sole destructive habit has cost me many things which i am DESCRIBING BELOW.

Since the days i have started masturbating,sleeping less,use of headphones excessively,lack of physical exercise and proper nutrition, my brain has started showing some NEURODEGENERATIVE SYMPTOMS which are not supposed to occur naturally at my age.

Initially i started to forget spellings of ordinary english words which were mastered by me and obvious to me since childhood one by one and it progressed consistently.My memory has degraded a lot and my mental thinking and puzzle solving abilities are vanished as if my mind is paralysed.I am forgetting things one by one and things that were obvious to me since childhood all are getting deleted from my mind as if i had never known them and they seem so new or unusual to me.In my childhood,whenever a problem would be given to me to solve,my mind would automatically figure out the link between info given and that i already knew and the problem would be solved in few minutes.Everything was so easy to learn and remember.But, now the scenario is totally different.I feel dizzy always.I have lost 7 kg weight in past 2 years.My mind cannot store new info easily.Everything has become very hard to learn and remember.For example,I CANNOT REMEMBER NEW FACES THAT I SEE OR MAKE DISTINCTION BETWEEN FACES EASILY.SAME THING OCCURS IN CASE OF SOUND OR VOICE RECOGNITION.AS IF MY MIND HAS BECOME SATURATED AND IT CANNOT STORE FURTHER NEW DATA OR INFO.IT FEELS LIKE A COMPUTER ATTACKED BY SOME VIRUS.I CANNOT LEARN ANYTHING NEW OR THINK CREATIVELY OR DEEPLY WHICH I ONCE USED TO DO EASILY.IT SEEMS THAT IT STRESSES MY MIND AND I HAVE TO DO HARDEST MENTAL LABOUR TO LEARN OR REMEMBER NEW FACES OR THINGS.

If u show me two slightly different images of same person,it becomes difficult for me to conclude whether they are of the same or another person.Basic and simple concepts that i have learnt from childhood are now vanishing one by one from my memory.Doing simple calculations or understanding simple things becomes difficult.I get confused so easily.Suppose today i remember the correct concept of a particular thing or a correct spelling of a simple word that i have known since childhood.But few days or few hours later i might get confused and that thing seems so UNUSUAL NOW.Doing CALCULATIONS that were just a child's play to me once now seems so difficult.Whenever a PUZZLE is given to me to solve,my mind CANNOT CORRELATE between the info that is given and the info that i already knew(may be i do not remember it correctly).I cannot learn new things however simple they may be.I forget new things very easily.As if my mind has turned me into a completely DIFFERENT MAN and i cannot recognize my new self.I have become dumb and as if my mind has been PARALYSED AND BECOME BLANK.I have read that overmasturbation and lack of sleep are KILLERS OF BRAIN CELLS.THEY CAUSE IMBALANCE OF PRECIOUS NEUROTRANSMITTERS AND DISRUPT THE NORMAL FUNCTIONING OF THE BRAIN AND CAUSE INSANITY BY BURNING OUT NEURONS.Learning these things has left me extremely panicked,depressed and helpless!!i did not know such things were so harmful before i started it.IT SEEMS THAT SOMEDAY I MIGHT END UP FORGETTING MY OWN NAME OR WHERE I AM FROM.I ALWAYS FEEL TIRED,SLEEPY AND DUMB.I EVEN HAVE THOUGHTS OF COMMITTING SUICIDE.I CANNOT SEE MYSELF IN SUCH A SITUATION ANYMORE.MY HEAD ALWAYS GOES IN CICLES WHENEVER I AM WALKING OR DOING SOME STRENOUS WORK.I DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH NERVE CELLS I HAVE KILLED.It is costing me my career and my performance in semester exams gets poorer and poorer.I have developed insomnia and cannot sleep even if i feel sleepy.I have to rely upon anti anxiety medicines like anxit 0.25mg.It sounds weird but even if i go to sleep early nowadays,and feel sleepy,i just cannot fall asleep as if my consciousness cannot detach itself or the nerves become so sensitive and strong.My body functions abnormally.Inside,it is ruined and drained of important chemicals.I feel terribly upset.The problem is i cannot discuss this issue with my parents or friends.

Q1. ON the basis of what I told u about my life,what do u think about how much nerve cells i have killed or damaged??Can i go back to the situation prior to starting these habits as if nothing happened??

Q2. Do u think my nerves have been permanently damaged and can new nerves be formed or the damage repaired to normalise the physiological conditions inside the body.

Q3.What diet should i take and what lifestyle should I follow to recover myself to maximum possible levels??And, how can i completely give up thoughts of ejaculation?
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My Mood: Neurodegenerative symptoms at age 24

Hi sougata mukherjee

Welcome to NeuroTalk .

I know of no evidence that masturbation or watching porn can lead to neurological damage.

It might help if you saw a clinical psychologist with experience of working with people with severe anxiety. S/he could also help you with your sleep patterns.

Also, a dietitian could offer you advice about eating in a healthy way.

Best wishes.
Knowledge is power.
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