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MS and Allergies

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Default MS and Allergies

Has anyone else noticed an increase in allergies with their MS? Or after starting treatment?

At one point I didn't really worry about being allergic to allergy medication, as I had very few allergies and could easily avoid all of them. Though I love rum, it's not necessary for me, but otherwise being allergic to shellfish was perfectly fine since I never liked it to begin with and I've always been very picky about my seafood intake anyways, along with preferring freshwater fish to saltwater. And an allergy to oak which so long as I avoided being outside too long while it's pollinating and don't touch any freshly cut oak... I'm fine. Well and a few drug allergies that never really concerned me much.

But since starting the Copaxone I've been having a ton more allergic reactions to things. And my list seems to be growing almost daily. I can no longer use the majority of soaps as they contain sodium laurel. Latex is now on the list, along with plastics, of just about any sort. I need to watch the elastics in my underwear now, ensuring they're covered and not touching the skin or I get a red band circling my body. Clothing is becoming harder and harder to find things that I like and that don't make me feel like I just put on a suit of fiberglass insulation. I can't wear earrings for more than an hour without my lobes swelling up (no matter what kind of metal I go with, I have the usual cheap stainless steel earrings, but also many that are silver, gold and platinum doesn't matter)

I also have to watch what toothpaste I use and how often I brush my teeth because the pastes are irritating to the insides of my mouth, but as I have dentures and they're made of plastics I also have to clean them frequently and scrub where they've been or I end up with problems from the dentures. I'm allergic to silicone now too. And even have to watch how much I eat of foods cooked with silicone coated pots and pans or in silicone baking sheets.

It's just starting to seem like everything I touch, I'm becoming allergic to, and is made all the worse since I'm still allergic to allergy medications and cortisone. Though I do believe my recent sun allergy is from getting sun poisoning a few months ago, while I wasn't outside for long, but it's never taken me long since moving to GA to get sunburnt, 15 minutes before I'm burnt, by 30 minutes I'm kind of one big blister and all that was before taking a bunch of medications that 'may increase sensitivity to the sun'.

Regardless this is becoming a bit ridiculous, and I know the Copaxone says that it may cause hypersensitivity but when I told my neuro about it she didn't think it was from the Copaxone. But rather from the MS, since it's an autoimmune disease she feels it's just started attacking the histamine system in my body. So has anyone else noticed such issues?
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I have become more sensitive to everything in recent years. I have a list of meds that I am allergic to that is as long as my arm. When ever I am asked about my allergies, it is almost easier to tell someone what I am not allergic to. It seems that I become allergic to another food that I enjoy each year. I have to thoroughly research a new food before I try it, to check the family and type of food it is. I will be starting on Extavia soon. My neuro wanted to start me on Copaxone, but my insurance insists that Extavia has to be tried first. But, I would say the MS is the culprit to my allergies.
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I've had allergies for a long, long time so I did not notice an increase after I was diagnosed with MS, or starting on Copaxone, or when I stopped taking Copaxone. I could see how there could be a link as both are result of an hyperactive immune system, if you will.
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