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fluoroquinolone eye drops?

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Default fluoroquinolone eye drops?

I had eye surgery 5 days ago, and so have been on Besivance eye drops for 8 days. Supposed to stay on it for at least 2 more weeks. Besivance is the trade name for besifloxacin, a fluoroquinolone.

I am on pyridostigmine, mestinon. Normally works pretty well. But the last week, not as good as usual.

Not seeing or reading very well at the moment, understandably. But aren't fluroquinolones one of the 'don't do it' drugs for MG? Even tho these are eye drops, the drug does go systemic, a little bit. Enough that they make note of it doing so. Many eye drops do.

Also wondering, if it is something that could be working against me, if that might be why that eye's pupil is remaining noticeably more dilated than the other eye (which is normal) and not reacting to light as well (tho it does, just more weakly). Really nothing in the surgery that was done that should have caused that, they use massive amounts of dilating drops so the doc hasn't been worried yet, says some people just take longer, and give it another day, but it's now been 5 and it seems to have stalled at twice the size of the normal eye.

So, could Besivance, besifloxacin, a fluoroquinolone, be affecting how well the mestinon works and maybe how well the pupil of that eye works?
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AnnieB3 (03-03-2018)
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Some people are "ok" on the quinolones. The FDA has put a stronger warning on them for MGers. Since you need the drops, take each day at a time. If your breathing, swallowing, or generalized symptoms become worse, I'm sure they can find a different drop for you.

The dilation drops contains Atropine, which does the opposite of Mestinon. But your eyes should not be dilated this long. My eyes are dilated longer than most people, but not for days. The eye doctor obviously doesn't realize that "massive amounts" of those dilation drugs are not a good idea in MG! I always ask for less that what other have.

How are you doing now?

All of those eye drops can affect MG. Some people do worse on them than others. If you are still not doing well, you should speak to the prescribing doctor again.

I'm sorry this is affecting you. I hope the surgery went well.

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It's 3 and a half weeks later.
Eye/pupil had stalled at about twice the diameter of the other one, then after doc said I could stop the Besivance, it continued to reduce to pretty much normal. Pupil is still very slightly off center (it was much more when still dilated) but that's no big deal, in fact it was kind of cool when it was more noticeable.

Surgery was for glaucoma, microsurgery, so it involved threading a surgical tool that is basically like a very long needle through and into my eye to place a tiny shunt (tube) from one chamber of the eyeball through into another, leaving the shunt in place and withdrawing the needle. Hence the need for "massive amounts" of dilation drops to get things in the right position to accomplish proper positioning, and there were probably also drops and an injection or two to temporarily paralyze muscles and stuff, since the slightest movement could mean disaster, and plenty of numbing stuff so I really didn't feel much of any of it. Good idea or not to slop so much stuff in my eye in terms of MG, it was necessary.

Called in at one week after to report, as they had told me to, and got a different doc on the phone who agreed that the extended dilation might be from the Besivance and the MG. But since my pupil was working (responding to light), not a big deal. And, it seems to have come out all right after all.

New symptom has arisen since surgery, which so far no one can explain.
Now, frequently tho not always, when I wake up, even from just a nap in the big easy chair, I find I often cannot open my right eye. It is not stuck shut with gunk, no gunk or anything. My eyelid muscles simply won't move it. It takes a while, 5-10 minutes, for it to "wake up" and open my eye. I can rub/massage around it, and pull my lids open and that seems to help speed up getting it working. But no one knows why this would now be happening.

Haven't use the Besivance in over two weeks. Still using Durezol, which is a corticosteroid drop (difluprednate ophthalmic emulsion, 0.05%) to prevent scarring, which I tend to do excessively, which would completely ruin the surgery and my chance to stop losing my sight.
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