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The Skeezyks has entered the House...

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Wink The Skeezyks has entered the House...

The Skeezyks is a regular contributor on the PsychCentral website. I've been aware of NeuroTalk for some time now, but only just now decided to dive in here as well. I spend a lot of time on PC! I'm not sure how much time I'll spend here on NeuroTalk. Time will tell... In terms of other hobbies, I'm a home bread baker & I read classical Chinese, Japanese, & Zen poetry (in English translation.) When I'm on PC, I'm often listening to chant videos on YouTube.

I'm an older person. In general, I'd say I'm reasonably healthy. I do have a problem with something I can only describe as restless leg syndrome... except that I experience it pretty-much throughout my whole body. To some extent, I'm not sure if it is more of a neurological condition or more related to anxiety, which is also a problem for me. It tends to be the worst in the evening & at night. I have not sought any treatment for it & I'm not on any medications. I do see a psychiatrist periodically. He offered to put me on Neurontin. However I declined.

When I can't sleep, I often have to get up in order to relieve the "jumpiness" I feel throughout my body. When I do, I'll typically do walking meditation... walking slowly around-&-around our dark & quiet townhome unit from back to front for anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours or so.

I also have Meniere's Disease & Tinnitus & some occasional heart arrhythmia. Oh... & I have an impinged disc in my low back & sciatica. Gee... come to think of it... I'm kind-of a mess!

Anyway... thank you so much for reading my post!
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Lara (07-01-2016), St George 2013 (07-02-2016)
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Hello Sheezyks,
Great to meet you here.

You may have found it already, but there is a Movement Disorders forum on the list. That includes RLS. Some medications can exacerbate feelings of restlessness such as you describe. If you're taking any meds, it would be worth talking to your Doctor about that possibility.

Movement Disorders Forum

Check out the search function as well. You can find a lot of information in past posts and threads by using that.


Enjoy your time here. You'll find a lot of information and support I'm sure.

take care
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Skeezyks (07-01-2016), St George 2013 (07-02-2016)
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Hi Skeezyks - Welcome to NT - glad to have you over here on the other side.

Re your restless legs/ full body sensation - not sure if this will help - I was recently helping some elderly friends out - she had just got out of hospital after misdiagnosed appendicitis - which burst while she was in hospital - (they were still trying to figure out what was wrong - CT scan was delayed etc.)

She developed severe restless legs during recuperation and her daughter (a registered nurse) gave her some MagPhos tissue salts tablets (3 x daily) - specifically Schuessler Mag Phos Tissue Salts. She experienced sustained improvement within 24 hrs. Looking online I see it is also available in a cream and spray.

Hope this is of use.
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bizi (07-25-2016), Skeezyks (07-06-2016)
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magnesium as, bluesfan states, is very useful for restless legs.
Just make sure you avoid magnesium oxide, as that is not absorbed well. Magnesium has to ionize which is separate from
its carrier to work in the tissues.

But I wonder if you are having side effects from some medications. SSRIs and atypical antipsychotics can cause a jumpy irritable side effect :
Akathisia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To test the need for magnesium try soaking in a bathtub with epsom salts. About 6oz to a bathtub of LUKEWARM water will relax you and point the way for some dietary changes (avoidance of high caffeine intake) and consumption of magnesium rich foods, and/or a good magnesium supplement like SlowMag which is made to deliver good absorption.
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bizi (07-25-2016), Skeezyks (07-06-2016)

body, neurotalk, spend, time, walking

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