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Sexual Dysfunction from Antipsychotics

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Default Sexual Dysfunction from Antipsychotics


I am looking for people who have experienced similar loss as I have from neuroleptics, or the so-called "antipsychotics". I have a BA in Psychology and have worked on 2 hospital psych wards and 2 halfway houses for mental patients.

Although I have been drug free for almost 35 years and have been able to function as a wife, mother, grandmother, and teacher, I have remained numb in my saddle area after being forcibly injected with Haldol against my will back in 1983. I lost all of my libido and have not been able to get sexually aroused since then. My initial diagnosis of "Paranoid Schizophrenia" was changed by my therapist 10 years later to that of a sleep disorder. Before each of my three breakdowns, I had been unable to sleep for days at a time, and thus became delusional.

There is a Yahoo forum for people suffering similar loss from SSRIs. However, I have not been able to find one for those who have been given neuroleptics. I wonder how many young people, many unexperienced sexually, will continue to be damaged in this way while this issue is being overlooked.
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Hi Linda

Welcome to NeuroTalk .

I am sorry to read about your problems.

You could use the Search function (https://www.neurotalk.org/search.php) to look for posts from other members who have experienced similar issues; that might be helpful for you.

All the best.
Knowledge is power.
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Default Sexual Dysfunction From An Antipsychotic

I am what is known as a psychiatric survivor. I've had three breakdowns, each occurring after PROLONGED SLEEP DEPRIVATION. I was forced to take neuroleptics (or so-called "antipsychotics") each time, but have been off of them now for over thirty three years. The problem is that, even though I took these drugs for very short periods of time, they left me with permanent damage.

My first breakdown came in 1975, before I had any children. I was on Haldol and Cogentin for about four months, then took myself off these drugs after the psychiatrist refused to do it, telling me I would have to be on them for the rest of my life. After I went off of them I realized that I had lost the feeling in my saddle area that made it possible for me to become sexually aroused. My bottom felt cold and numb. I also didn't understand why I couldn't feel when I had to urinate until there was strong pressure in my abdomen. I wondered if this numbness would be permanent, but was relieved when, after two years, the feelings came back to some degree. (However, they were never to be as strong as they had been.)

Well, time went by. I married and had two children, one in the hospital and one at home, both without anesthesia. The feelings I had seemed intact until about a month after my second child was born in 1981. I was a nursing mom, did my own diapers, and worked very hard, often into the night. My baby seemed to have colic, both of my children woke me up over and over at night, and I could not get them to sleep at the same time during the day. So I didn't sleep for about a week.

I started to exhibit psychotic symptoms again, was taken to the hospital, forcibly drugged, and labeled a "chronic paranoid schizophrenic". Again I took the Haldol and Cogentin for a couple of weeks, then flushed it down the toilet. Again I lost all my sexual feelings and had to remind myself to urinate.

After a couple of years I began to feel just a little. Then a major family crisis came along in 1983 over which I again didn't sleep for about a week. I would have taken a sleeping pill if I could have, but did not have the opportunity until it was too late. By that time I thought I could do anything. I felt like a superwoman. Well, I was only in the hospital for three days, and I immediately flushed the Haldol and Cogentin down the toilet when I got home, but it was too late. I felt as though I had sat on a big piece of ice that I couldn't get off of, and it wouldn't melt. 'Still feels like it never will.

I have (literally) sat on this secret for over thirty-three years. At first I thought it must be psychosomatic, something having to do with my anger, and went though extensive therapy. Then, in 1993, I found an M.D. who would actually listen to me, and he put me through some medical testing. When he had finished he told me that I had apparently lost the feeling in my saddle area. In other words, I have a permanent saddle block, or PERMANENT GENITAL ANESTHESIA.

I am blessed with a wonderful, understanding, husband, whom I've been married to for almost thirty -nine years. We have two grown children, who are both married, and four wonderful grandchildren. I'm AMAZED, because I was once afraid to marry and have children.

As I was working toward my BA in Psych, I was told that mental illness is inherited. Yes, it did seem to run in my family. My great grandmother died after living in an institution for twenty-three years, and my mother was on psychiatric drugs most of her life until she developed symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia (brain damage) from them several years before she died.

I thank God everyday for my family, but I believe that it is important for me to share my story with the public now because so many young people are being given the drugs I was given, and other similar ones. I have heard about people who are on anti-depressants reporting permanent sexual side effects, but I wonder how many have experienced them after being given the major tranquilizers (neuroleptics). The damage that these drugs have done to me has been DEVASTATING.

Is it any wonder that there are so many angry, violent, depressed, and suicidal young people when so many of them are being put on drugs they can't "say no" to?

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