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I have MS and have a 9 year old daughter.
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I have MS.
Crippled (or at least very limited physically) from a car wreck 2 years ago, and my sons are 4 and 6.
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My husband has been on disability for about 5 years because of Chronic Pain Syndrome. He has bulging discs all down his lumbar spine and he's in agony at times because of it.

I've had MS for 30 years and although I use a cane for stability, I'm still mobile.

We have a son and daughter aged 31, and another son aged 29.
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COPD 11-07, MS 2-08 - 46 year old single mother of a 6 year girl.
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Still not sure of my "Official Disability" as still havent got the award letter from SSI (although I've got the backpay in my account, and the medicaid card in my wallet ).

Anywho, what I put down on the application, was ACM1, myofascial entrapment, anxiety, depression, nerve damage in fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and back of head (pain numbness and tingling)and Anemia.

I have two children, Kristofer (14) and Kathryn(5).

God Bless ya,

~*~Pleasant rest and blessed be until again we chance to meet, may your spirit soar on eagles wings~*~
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Default Hi all-new to the site

Hi everyone! A little about myself...I have a 15 y/o testerone surging son who is bi-polar, adhd and post-traumatic stress disorder due to that wonderful hurricane Katrina. We moved to NC about a year ago to get out of all that destruction of New Orleans to try to heal here. He was diagnosed here as Behaviorally Emotionally Disabled. I have my thoughts that he may suffer from aspergers syndrome. All of his IEP's show diffinent signs of the syndrome from Kindergarten and up. I am having a hard time getting his docs to test him now that he is 15.

I grow very weary at times, as I have epilepsy. Joey also has a mild case of cerepalsy (left side). So, that is frustrating for him too. Joey has since been taken out of our home, and put in a boys home for Behaviorally Disturbed Children. He was running away. Anyway, my seizures are getting worse, and I am going to Wake Forest Epilepsy Monitoring Unit soon. More Later...
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Just thought I would share a little here.

I have MS diagnosed 2-7-08, and POTS June 08. Then there is my undiagnosed problem which causes me more problems than anything. I get spells where I can't move, talk or open my eyes and it has become increasingly more difficult to breath during them. They have looked into all kinds of things including MG, Hypo Kalemic Periodic Paralysis, and now Pompe's Disease (still waiting for the results of that one) but as of right now no answers.

I have Emily who is four and David who is two. They are very energetic but very observant and caring. Emily is wise beyond her years and tries her best to help me in any way she can. I wish she didn't have to but I know she is getting some very good personality traits from it.

It's nice to be able to talk with other people going through the same kinds of things.

I hope everyone is doing well today.

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Default Left TLE

Hi I am Melody-diagnosed a year ago,I have 8 kids-25,23,20,20,18,7,4,2-only 3 at home-I am a single parent on employer disability[when they choose to send it-always a fight over paperwork]Lots of memory issues
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Neuromuscular disease with Sjogrens syndrome. I have 2 daughters. They are grown but I am the only parent left and that seems to change the dynamics and make the feelings for them alot more powerful. They have 5 children combined.

I was just posting about my youngest not being able to answer my calls now and saw a message from this group. She has epilepsy that worsened about 3 years ago. stress can really trigger her seizures. I watched it happen one nite when my granson rammed his head into the corner of a wall. She was holding him and felt it start. I had just done some alternative medicine research and tried an exercise to deescalate a siezure on her. It felt really good when she said it was helping and to continue.

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