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Default Medicare / Medicare Part is becoming time again to renew you plan OR change it

From PAN:

Below you will find some Medicare information that might be helpful to you or others in the community: The first is the upcoming Medicare Prescription Drug Enrollment Dates, the second is a useful tool called the Doughnut Hole Calculator being offered by the AARP, and the third is a link to the Medicare Access for Patients to Prescription Drugs (MAPRx) Coalition’s Website.

1. Important Medicare Prescription Enrollment Dates:

Notification of Changes – October 31: You will receive your annual notice of changes to your Medicare Prescription drug plans by October 31st. These documents are intended to inform you of upcoming changes to your prescription drug coverage and costs. Because virtually every plan has made significant changes to coverage and cost-sharing every year, this mailing contains important information to help you evaluate your needs and decide what plan to join for 2010.

Medicare Open Enrollment – November 15 - December 31: Each year plans change what they cost and what they cover. The next general open enrollment starts on November 15, 2009. During this time, people with Medicare can add, drop or change their prescription drug coverage. They can also select a health plan for their 2010 coverage.

2. Doughnut Hole Calculator:

The Doughnut Hole Calculator, available at, guides visitors through their options using localized information about their plans to determine if or when they will fall into the “Doughnut Hole”—a coverage gap in Medicare Part D that leaves individuals on the hook for all of their own Part D costs while still paying premiums. In less than 15 minutes, visitors can view a graph of their estimated out-of-pocket Part D spending by month, look up lower cost alternatives for their conditions, and print out personalized letters to their doctors or other health care providers to help start a conversation about safely switching to lower cost alternatives.

3. Medicare Access for Patients to Prescription Drugs (MAPRx) Coalition:

PAN is a member of MAPRx, a coalition of patient, family caregiver and health professional organizations committed to safeguarding the well-being of patients with chronic diseases and disabilities under Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. The MAPRx web site has useful information concerning Medicare Part D, the Medicare Prescription Open Enrollment, and state-specific resources.

On a personal note, I hate Part D!!
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