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Amino acid protocol Dr. Marty Hinz

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Marty Hinz, MD
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Originally Posted by badboy99 View Post
Definitely let us know anything you can dig up on Dr. Hinz. I'm curious to hear what he has to say.
Some people just like to kick a good man when he is down. 22 years ago I was prescribed a drug by a doctor. That drug threw me into a state where I did not sleep for 5 days. I was hospitalized. My medical license was suspended (not revoked) due to inability to practice because of illness. I worked hard and impressed the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice enough that they gave me my unrestricted licensed back many years ago. My unrestricted license has been in good standing since, for many years. Anyone that attempts to imply that I am not fit for practice has no idea what the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice put me through before. What I learned from my first hand experience with the drug that caused my problems formed the foundation of the Parkinson's disease work we are doing today, 22 years later. We have a perspective that can only be achieve by going through the terrible experience I had with the drug that was prescribed. I do not practice in Florida nor did the Minnesota Department of Health have anything to do with my license as someone else claimed on this blog. I would appreciate a little respect, at least get your facts straight before you start throwing mud at a good man. Marty Hinz, MD
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Marty Hinz, MD
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Originally Posted by GerryW View Post
Hi Billbobby21,

I didn't have much trouble with on/off's until I changed doctors. I was looking for a longer on time (and who isn't?) but my doctor was quitting the AA Hinz therapy business so he wasn't able to help me any longer. He had lots of urine tests ordered but the results always came back with ever higher amounts of dopamine in the urine. At some point it is supposed to stop doing that and start going lower. Mine didn't so I was dosed instead by the empirical results he got from the recommendations of Dr. Hinz. That worked for a long time.

The new doctor (who is apparently retired now) had me take tests, too, but got too frustrated by the erratic results. So he started changing the doses of mucuna and tyrosine seemingly off the top of his head. He didn't keep a medical record so he would sometimes go back to doses he had tried before. I kept telling myself that his vast experience was good enough. When the side effects became what I considered life threatening and he wanted to increase the dose even more, I decided to jump ship and try the conventional route.

The tyrosine is supposed to prevent the on/off phenomenon, but it has to be dosed carefully at the right amount. Along with mucuna a dose that is a fraction of a gram under or even over the ideal will not get positive results. Like Goldilock's three bears, it has to be just right and that means carefully weighing out each dose.

My "experimental" doses resulted in some on/off phenomena plus erratic blood pressure problems including fainting as well as anxiety and feelings like I was about to explode. Those have gone away now since changing to conventional generic Sinemet and Comtan. But now my tremors are back, though not dystonia. Constipation is now a daily struggle. So is daytime sleepiness and I am losing my voice so the disease has decided to start progressing, something it didn't do with the Hinz protocol. That might be because I don't take the big daily dose of the glutathione precursor, l-cysteine anymore.

As is typical for levdopa therapy whether mucuna or c/l therapy, food didn't bother it for the first few years, but then it did. It has become a problem with conventional therapy and protein and eating too much interferes with my doses.

I might not be a typical Hinz protocol patient. The doctor said he had no other patients like me. Results, as they say, may vary. The protocol was expensive and weighing and mixing the powders numerous times a day, inconvenient, but it seemed to stop a lot of problems that my current drugstore regimen doesn't. If you try this method find a doctor you can work closely with and who doesn't start swearing when he gets frustrated with his results.
You did not have erratic results you had an erratic caregiver.
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Marty Hinz, MD
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Originally Posted by zanpar321 View Post
I tried this protocol for 3 months with no change and a somewhat smaller/lighter wallet. If it works for some that's wonderful.
Beware of the caregiver that promises 100% results with anything, you might get hit by a train tomorrow and not get there.
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Marty Hinz, MD
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Originally Posted by HangOn View Post
Thanks for the post on your Rx experience. My husband had a family member go that way and while it really did save her life in the beginning, it seemed to be less effective over time, no matter how many times she switched meds. My husband never went that direction but has tried many "natural" means with little help. He tried the amino therapy approach a few years ago and started to see some positive effect but the nausea was too much and interfered with his job. But now that nothing else has worked, we started talking about researching the nausea issue to see if he could give it another go with that method again. So glad I found this board and thank you for the recommendation for Dr Chad. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I was reading about Dr. Hintz several years back didn't he pursue this line of research because of his own battle with Bipolar? We do our best research when it's personal!
Amen, Marty Hinz, MD
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Marty Hinz, MD
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Originally Posted by soccertese View Post
why beat around the bush badboy, your're talking about me. considering i've tried iv. glutathione, low dose naltrexone, chelation therapy, and just about every supplement mentioned on this board including mucana it's pretty ridiculous saying i might work for a drug company, especially since i've been critical of the high costs of new pd drugs on this board and have stated many times i'm only taking C/L, noone is making a fortune on selling generic C/L.

If you want to have a rational discussion about the HINZ protocol and discuss the scientific merits of the papers of the papers presented by those making likely millions from selling their supplements i'll gladly participate. i'll start by saying these papers are written by people with a financial stake in this treatment and no independent researcher has ever duplicated their results. so you expect anyone to accept their findings without some reservations?

Everyone on this board is anonymous, there is noone verifying if a poster is being honest or dishonest, has pd or doesn't have pd, is working for a drug/supplement company or not. What I saw here was a newbie asking for advice on an unproven pd treatment, backed up by studies conducted by those with a vested interest on selling this treatment and none by independent researchers, which at least to me makes this research highly suspicious, a non-pder just by chance shows up on this board and starts hyping this treatment yet doesn't know anyone with pd who has used it much less has benefitted from it. The newbie starts the procedure and gets support from this non-pder who as far as i know knows noone who has pd. And you wonder why i'm just a little skeptical about motives here?

To repeat, if you want to debate each paper mentioned here and all the claims about the HINZ protocol, i'm more than willing. The purpose the this board i hope is not to blindly accept as fact everything posted here, especially when a treatment costs as much and is difficult to follow as the HINZ protocol, as controversial and when other members posts about the HINZ treatment complaining about the significant price increases in 40% MUCANA.
I find it just a little interesting that their treatment requires you buy this MUCANA from them, hey, isn't that something drug companies do? And jack up the prices?

I posted on this thread not because i have a knee jerk reaction against alternative treatments, i have a knee jerk reaction about some poor pd'er possibly getting ripped off and ending up worse.
That is what the peer-review paper system is all about. If you don't agree with the papers write a rebuttal, happens all the time. When no formal rebuttal have been published in peer-review the paper is considered valid and stands. Marty Hinz, MD
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Marty Hinz, MD
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Originally Posted by billbobby21 View Post
Get in contact with Dr. Stein. I believe he works with patients who are not in the usa. You will not be able to successfully treat your father without doing lab tests to control dopamine fluctuations with tyrosine. Also, you need to be certain the substances you are using are actually what they claim to be. The supplement industry is laden with false labeling which means the tyrosine or 5-htp you are buying may not actually be 100% what they say it is which will make it impossible to treat him correctly.

If you decide to call, do it during the week. They are not open on the weekend.

I repeat do NOT do this on your own. You NEED the lab tests as well as the experience of a trained physician in this approach to be able to do it successfully. Get in contact with Dr. Stein, he does consultations over the phone so you should be able to do it.

I know all this because I am a patient of Dr. Steins for the treatment of TBI related issues.
You read the papers, but [perhaps] you did not understand what you read? The case study paper specifically notes, "...under the guidance of OCT assay interpretation," This is not an approach for self-treatment or treatment administered by those that have not mastered OCT assay interpretation. The recommendation is, Parkinson's disease patients suffer from brain damage do not help it along by playing with things you don't understand.
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So pleased to see you here Marty Hinz. I am in the UK and would like to know if anyone here is able to treat me with your protocol.

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I'd just like to second the sentiment expressed by Trixiedee. I was also very pleased to see your posts, Dr. Hinz (10 already!).

Welcome to the forum.

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I had read a fair amount on the Hinz protocol before employing a NJ integrative neurologist for nearly 8 months (which included 3 urine assays). The overall communication with him was not good. Although available by phone, my chart was not always (if ever) at his disposal. However, I was committed to seeing this through until I saw the words PILL STOP in a text message after 7 months of adhering to his recommendations of B6, Tyrosine, D5 Mucuna, Neuroreplete, CysReplete, etc. My RLS would have made the Pill Stop impossible anyway. He never thoroughly explained the Pill Stop to me and now I get it of course.. And this after he asked me to sign a document that he had “explained” the protocol (1st or 2nd visit). You never really fully understand it unless you go through it, and even then you need your doctor to support you.. not let you drift away in frustration after 7-8 months. In fact I had read that I should start seeing results in 6 months. I was seeing no results and began to believe no results were ever going to happen.

So, did I give up? NO, I employed another practitioner for another 6 months happy to start again from scratch. I still believed in the protocol, but after 4 months I insisted on a consult with him and Dr. Hinz. Although the new practitioner was much better to work with (meeting like clockwork), the pill stops could not be met due to RLS. We did one urine assay and the process began to be experiment after experiment with no clear pathway to achieving competitive inhibition. In fact he was a bit shocked when I mentioned the term and that it was my goal. At least the first Dr. knew and understood this.. The consult with Dr. Hinz never happened because the Dr. said that the first thing he (Dr. Hinz) would ask was how my pill stop went.. I thought that the persistent RLS preventing it was a perfectly good reason for a consult. And so it all ended again.. I manage today on C/L. I am still fascinated and may even still believe in the Amino acid/Hinz protocol. I even called practitioner #3, but decided to wait after my first two experiences that took an overall 14 months of investment and stress. It was all my choice though, and I am a better PD warrior for it.

Dr. Hinz, if you are out there, I seek only for others to learn from my experience. I would also like an answer to the question of what you do if pill stops cannot be attained due to RLS preventing sleep.

Thanks so much for your work.


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