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Default Brings 2009 Medicare Rx Drug Plan Information Onlinee Brings 2009 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Information Online

Scroll Down to see Samples of brings newly released 2009 Medicare Part D prescription drug plan information online with Part D plans summarized on both national and state levels. In 2009, Medicare beneficiaries can expect to see increased premiums and a reduction in the number of available Part D plans. Low-Income Subsidy recipients should also prepare for fewer choices as Part D plans raise monthly premiums above state subsidy levels. Slightly fewer Medicare Part D plans will offer 2009 donut hole coverage, with only 25% of the 2009 Part D plans offering some gap coverage and three regional prescription drug plans offering limited brand-name coverage in the gap.

Saint Augustine, FL (Vocus/PRWEB ) September 26, 2008 -- The website now offers Medicare beneficiaries and advocates an insight into the 2009 prescription drug plans. Based on the extensive 2009 Medicare Part D plan information recently released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has developed national and state one-page interactive Part D plan summaries.

“We designed our Part D plan summaries to provide a quick comparison of changes in the 2008 and 2009 Medicare Part D landscapes,” notes Dr. Susan Johnson technical director of the website. “Our Part D plan information is concisely organized allowing users to start with either a national or state overview of Part D plans and then ‘clicking’ on a specific statistic reveals the underlying details.”

According to 2009 CMS Part D plan data, the average monthly Medicare Part D premium across the nation (excluding the five United States Territories) will increase to $46 or 14% above the 2008 national monthly premium average of $40 with actual average monthly premium increases varying by state. For example, the 2009 average Part D premium for residents of Pennsylvania will increase to $46, a 21% increase over the 2008 average Part D plan premium of $38.

READ article
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