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Cchines Cchines is offline
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Originally Posted by Pryjmak View Post
Hi Cchines, Batbite has been a great comfort to me after reading her story and how far she has come. I am so sorry you have been dealing with adverse side effects from the vaccine. I have posted my story a few weeks back. Now 4 months post last shot, I still have muscle aches, neuropathic pains from head to toe. Ongoing diarrhea. The anxiety has calmed down a bit.

But I too have THROAT ISSUES since 12/2019. Throat feels swollen/dryish and overall just bothersome. Started with a dry cough and seen by PCP who simply said it was a virus, to f/u only if I developed a fever...which I never did. To make it worse, the anxiety medications I was put on have listed side effect of (dry mouth) and these made my throat 10 x worse. I now have to control anxiety without meds.

I checked online concerning throat and anxiety can cause muscles to tense and this can cause the feeling of throat thickening. I plan on going to a doctor once the Covid-19 is no longer a threat. If you are on anxiety medications, this may be making the throat worse.

I use throat lozenges and biotene spray to keep throat moist, along with lots of water, ice chips also help. Theraworx is like magic to control muscle aches. If you follow up with a doctor on the throat, please keep us posted on the outcome. I have noticed improvement in my side effects and keeping a positive attitude has helped a great deal. Keep the Faith.
It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last shot and my throat goes dry off and on, it also feels like there something stuck in it. So I feel your pain. The worst of it is gone helpfully. I haven’t had a bad flare in a week now, just a little weakness and some muscle pain now and then. Looks like the worst is over. The anxiety has decreased severely too!! Thank goodness for this forum and everyone’s experience, it has truly got me through. I’ll keep checking on this site weekly just to keep everyone updated and to give others comfort if they find themselves in the same situation. Thanks everyone!!
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aches & pains, jaw pain, numbness, peripheral neuropathy, tingling

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