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Default Suggestions for those you find it hard to sleep.

I asked our members here if they had any tips that may help me sleep, here are the the results -

Melatonin - You can buy it over the counter in the USA.
Magnesium - It loosens muscle tension.
Advil PM
Benadryl (diphenhydramine) OTC antihistamine
hops are effective and safe, they are related to the cannabis plant.
Restavit sleeping tablets - doctors script not needed.
Valerium - available at shops that sell suplements.
I found that the combination of Valerium and Magnesium really helped me get a good nights sleep.

*** Just to play on the safe side, i would ask my doc if any of the above is ok to take with any medications you are currently taken ***
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also from Rfinney

Recognize that the sleep system tends to right itself after a few nights of insomnia, if you do not adjust your schedule.Set a regular bedtime – and keep it. Your body needs reliability.
Less is more. Keeping your wake-up time constant but going to bed one hour later will help 25% of insomniacs within one to two weeks. Prepare to feel sleepy at times and avoid driving then. After two weeks, add back the time in half-hour increments.
Look on tow or three nights of insomnia as a gift – time to get done all you have to get done. Insomnia may be functional, a signal that you need to attend to whatever woke you up.
Put sleep in the background of your life. Don’t monitor it, don’t evaluate it. “Put it in an envelope and don’t open it for two weeks.”
If you’re an adolescent or student who has difficulty getting up and functioning in the morning, your insomnia may be a sleep-phase insomnia. Maintain your wake time and immediately apply bright light for at least 15 minutes to reset your clock. Progressively move your sleep time earlier and follow wake-up with a strong pulse of light.
Another way to deal with sleep-phase problems: reset your clock by taking melatonin four hours before bedtime. Again, move up your bedtime a little bit each day.
If you are an older adult troubled by early morning awakening, you may need to reset biological rhythms and phase-delay bedtime by going to sleep one hour later: Do nothing else to correct your sleep problem.
Get more exercise – physical and mental. It primes the sleep homeostat. Sex, among, other things, is a great exercise.
Jack up your body temperature with a warm bath before bed. Exaggerating the normal drop in body temperature that accompanies lying down helps sleep.
Learn simple meditation and practice it before bedtime; it cuts down nervous system arousal.
Keep your bedroom dark, especially as you get older. Even small amounts of light and noise can disturb sleep as you age.
If you awaken in the middle of the night, use the time for creative problem-solving. The “bleeding” of unconsciousness into wakefulness makes thought less rational and freer at this time.
You can take the sting out of a bad night with the judicious use modafinil (Provigil), a stimulant developed to help narcoleptics stay awake during the day. Taking it after a sleepless night helps ease anxiety about insomnia and primes the sleep homeostat.

Don’t fight insomnia. The homeostat makes sleep a self-reparative system – if you stay out of its way.
Don’t worry about the consequences of not sleeping. Worrying about insomnia can create insomnia.
Don’t overheat your environment. Sleep loves cold. Keep your bedroom cold but load up on blankets.
Don’t sleep with your pets. Animal dander can create allergies that manifest only at night, and the movement of any pet on your bed can wake you up.
Do not sleep late or nap to make up for a bad night. It de-primes the sleep homeostat and reduces the need for sleep the next night, setting the stage for recurrent insomnia.
For the same reason, don’t make up for an acute bout of insomnia by going to bed early.
Do not try to sleep by drinking alcohol. Yes, it’s a great relaxant – but it is metabolized so quickly it creates rebound insomnia; it’s so fast acting you’ll be up in four short hours.
Don’t stay in bed waiting for sleep. It’s not true that the more time you spend in bed , the more sleep you’ll get.
Don’t catastrophize. While you are taking steps to repair your sleep system, abandon the notion that you can’t function on less sleep; sleeping less as therapy wont’ feel good but it will re-prime the sleep homeostat.
Be careful with caffeine: Limit yourself to one cup of coffee in the morning. At age 18, caffeine has a half-life of 4.5 hours, which increases with age. Gradually eliminate caffeine altogether if you have continued trouble sleeping.

If anyone has anything else that have shown good results are very welcome to add to this.

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"Thanks for this!" says:
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Default directory of open access journals

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Default A good recent article giving a neuropathy overview--


(I know I've seen this article before, and thought it was already here in the Stickies, but apparently it was not before now. Thanks to Dahlek for pointing it out.)

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Default Another Neuropathy outline that's useful:


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Default The post above to a link ....

doesn't connect....so trying again!


Hope this works. - j
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Default Adding a site?

Worth a look-see? - j
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Default Interesting article

Finally! Work is being done to identify our pains.


It's gonna take a while, but we are becoming a true medical 'condition'? YES!
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Default Correction to above post

the site is at:
Whew! let's see if this works? - j

YES it does! - j
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Default A simple complete PN discription


It's long-ish but easily asorbed. - j
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Default About pain and pain meds

From AARP magazine

Guess they have dilemmas as well. - j
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