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Lab test results questions....

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Cool Smirk Lab test results questions....

Ok , there is some pretty smart folks in this forum. So, I have some lab results (just received them) this AM. What do they mean? I have no idea! But I bet some of you do. Enlighten me plz.
t-3 uptake-30
free thyroxin index-1.5
vit b-12- 630
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My Mood: Lab test results questions....

Hi flsun1

Welcome to Neurotalk! I might be able to chime in on some of these tests since I have had them many times. You might also want to post the ranges from the lab test since you lab can be different in terms of the highs and lows. Its heard to interpret the tests without it. We need to know whether you are high or low in each of these.

What are your symptoms that you are having.

Also I know that some other members will be able to chime in and help. You might also want to post over in the autoimmune forum since many of these have to do with thryoid function.

First off you B12 is low. You should probably be over 1000. Mine was low too and I have been supplementing it with sublingual methyl b12 which is the most absorbable form. Rose (who is a genius IMO) has posted at length about it in our vitamin forum. She would probably suggest that you take atleast 1000mcg a day. I don't know much about folate (folic acid) but I know it does go hand in with B12.

TSH -think of your thyroid as a furnace. TSH is the thermosat that turns it on and off. T3 and T4 are the fuel for the furnace. You need sufficient anount of t3 and T4 when the the TSH or thermostat calls for it. The pituitary gland regulates the levels of TSH. You may want to get it checked as well if you have any imbalance.

The t3 uptake is not a T3 test perse. It is a way to measure if your thryoid has enough tyrosine. If not does not make enough you likely have a thryoid imbalance

Thryoxine (which I think is what they are listing below) is also referred to as T4 it is a thryoid gland hormone that has 4 molecules of iodine. It could indicate an imbalance also.

Free t4 is one of the best measurements of a functioning thyroid. It is the thyroid hormone that frees itself from protein and goes where your body needs it. It helps you metabolize your food.

If you are not feeling well you should also ask your doc to test your 2 levels of thryoid antibodies.

If you want to read more there are some good sites out there.



I'll check back leter to see if you have posted the ranges and see if there is anymore I can help you with.

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My Mood: Lab test results questions....
Cool Smirk Shelly..

...thnx for the info, I dont know yet about the lab ranges because this test info was relayed to me by phone. The printout is being mailed so I will have more info. when that arrives. The lab I used was LabCorp ,I purchased the tests myself ,mainly due to my sudden neuropathy. My neuro dx me as having small fiber polyneuropathy just a few weeks ago. The neuro seems to think it's due to Diabetes..the catch is I have been diabetic for two months ! Granted, my glucose levels were pre-diabetic the year before ,but the neuropathy puzzle just began one month ago. My argument with my gp and neuro is thats a damn fast case of neuropathy! Sooo. I am looking for clues before my next neuro visit. I have already found that once you're tagged diabetic ,the medical folks seemed to think everything you have is related to glucose. Thanx again..
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Default It's true--

--that when you're diabetic, physicians are likely to attribute any symptoms to that.

But--don't believe it when (some) doctors say that neuropathy cannot result from anything other than long-term diabetes. There is increasing evidence that one can have neuropathy, especially the small-fiber, painful type, from "merely" impaired glucose tolerance:






Many newer neurologists and endocrinologists are familiar with the research in this area, but not all, unfortunately.
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