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Default Just a follow up.

Just a follow up as to where things are with me.
Diagnosed with SFPN in January…started feeling weird things about 2 years prior. DR thought it was a pinched nerve in lower back.
I never took supplements of any kind before
Dr had me on Proton Pump Inhibitors for 6-7 years for acid re flux.
When I had my b12 tested I was 350.
Dr said this was just fine so they have no idea why I have this and did all of the normal tests.

Fast FWD 7 months I have been on supplements from what I have read on this web site along with methl B12, fish oil…ect….ect.. I went Gluten free and have been working on good gut health I was not overweight at 6”2” @ 225lbs but now I am down to 200lbs. I do hot yoga 3 time a week to sweat and detox. I don't eat any thing refined only organic now
I took mrsD advice and did the 23 and me test back in February. Got the results back 8 weeks later I had the 2 major mutations that everyone talks about I am compound heterozygous MTHFR.
One of the things that they say if you have this you can’t DE_TOX as good so you should sit in a sauna and sweat or do hot yoga
I found a Nutritionist that is covered by my insurance to help me figure this out she is part of the MTHFR.NET. But I paid what insurance would not pay to figure out the MTHFR
She asked me lots of questions about where/what I eat when do I go to bed how do I sleep how do I feel during the day…ect…ect…Plus she had me do a micro nutrient test from spectra cell labs to see where I am lacking and compare this to the StrateGene, genetic path way analysis.
The interesting thing at the micro level is my b12 is deficient my zinc is deficient my Glutathione is deficient along with my total ANTI Oxidant function there are a few other things on the borderline. Plus my EPA and DHA are low even though I am taking lots of these.

What this is telling us is that from being on the PPI for so long it could have had a huge impact on how I break down and absorb food.

She was really surprised to see these low/deficient reading even after 7 months of supplements.

What are we doing:
Take digestive enzymes
Staying gluten free
Eat more Pro Biotic and Pre Biotic
She has me on a combination of B12 based on the MTHFR
Keep doing hot YOGA to DETOX
Getting a retest in 4 months

I feel like some of what I am doing is helping me I do have nerve damage and get some burning in the top of my feet but I find that if I get a good night sleep things just seem to work better and keep the stress at a LOW! along with no spicy foods cant sleep!

Thanks for all the help on the web site

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