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Question Peripheral Poly-Neuropathy growing non-stop. Will it ever?

Hi all

Well, I am one more cursed had with this beast of an illness. I've been greedy, because when I was a child, it started by a few sensitive fingers. Then, in my 20s, it started to be painful.

Now, I am 37, they diagnosed me peripherial poly-neuropathy when I was 34. Even since then, it grew up a lot. Now, I have it all ten fingers, and ten toes.

This last six months, I also have massive pain in the sides of the hands, and the palms, and very lately, some bothering on the sole of both feet (and it keeps on going.)

I am not diabetic, nor I suffered Cancer, etc. Out of the many surgeries in my eyes I had as a child, and all the MRI's probable screwed me over.

- When does it stop growing? Can it go to bigger nerves affecting main organs? I am not afraid of death, but leaving my wife alone, etc. This illness seems to be growing non-stop. Now, I have sessions of four-five hours a day of being in a lot of pain, maybe dozens of pains, burning sensations, needles, cuts with super warn knifes, hyper-sensitivity, the hell we all know, but firing in all four extremities, as if there was no tomorrow.

For now, I use Tramador, the smallest box, and then liquid tramadol, and I plan with both of them (pretty much now is having little pain if lucky on Friday Night or Saturday night, that I take a bit more of a dose.

I also smoke cannabis (vaped it, edibles, etc), but my tolerance ended up making this also not very effective.

I managed to avoid the pain clinic for three years, I know how awful opiod based medications are, and hate to take them. However, it comes to a point that my mind is asking me to give up, and go to the pain clinic to ask for a more potent, and harmful medication.

I am very strong willed, but maybe I am overdoing it. Maybe since Tramadol is the first step, there are more before the bigger Morfine, Fentanill, etc

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OP: You mentioned the many eye surgeries, I believe about any surgery can bring on nerve damage issues. About the eyes, I don't know. Have you gone to more natural remedies and there are many listed in the PN forum. I just posted a new thread on What Works BEST IN My Life for the neuropathy issues.

I will not go to the heavy drugs, been there a bit and they are just more toxic in our bodies.

I'm 81 and retired and got all this neuropathy stuff at 72 with hip replacement. My pain meds are
1 ibuprofen, 1 extra strength tylenol and 1 Pain RX (herbal) every 6 hrs. I can rest a lot as I'm retired.

I've posted about the HGH homeopathic gel I'm using and also the Cryotherapy I will be trying soon. Look for this info. Good wishes to you.
OA onset at 18, now 79. Fibro onset at 61, Hip Replacement "mess" 72 (nerve damage, IT band damage, shorter leg). Otherwise, pretty good health.

Most important supplement: grape seed extract
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"Thanks for this!" says:
AnomalousExistence (02-14-2020)

clinic, growing, lot, pain, ten

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