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Default Tomcat’s paternal instincts surprise caretakers

(I'd click here just to see the picture: it's adorable.)


Wanted: good home for feline fatherly type, kitten
Tomcat’s paternal instincts surprise caretakers of homeless kitties

BELMONT — A tomcat who stuck around to tend his kittens after their mother was killed deserves a home, say two women who’ve watched the unusual behaviour in their backyards.

"I don’t want to tell my kids they froze to death or some animal ate them. After what they’ve been through they deserve a home," said Susan Black.

Ms. Black and next-door neighbour Lynn Strong say Stuart, the faithful tomcat, and a female cat showed up in their backyards last June.

"Someone dropped them off here and they were always together whenever we saw them but we didn’t want to feed them because we thought they’d go home," said Ms. Black.

Eventually, the pair seemed so hungry that neither woman could stand by without feeding them.

"We did feed them and they started to look better but then the female was hit by a car sometime in the middle of August," said Ms. Black.

Stuart wasn’t around so much after the female was killed.

"He just sort of disappeared for a few days and then he came and ate a little bit one day, looked around cautiously and went into the woods," Ms. Black said.

Within minutes, Stuart was back — two kittens trailing behind him.

"We couldn’t believe it. We didn’t know the female had kittens and we couldn’t believe a tomcat would look after kittens like that," said Ms. Strong.

Not only did he make sure they got fed, he cleaned them, played with them and they would often curl up together for a sleep in the sun.

Truro veterinarian Gwen Mobray-Cashen says the tomcat’s behaviour is certainly out of the ordinary.

"If this is an unneutered male, it is extraordinary behaviour," she said.

Although Ms. Mobray-Cashen has not examined Stuart, she figures that if he’s not the kittens’ father and is neutered, his behaviour is still rather unusual.

"In nature’s world it is unusual behaviour for a male to take on that role, especially in the cat world," she said.

Sadly, one of the kittens has not been seen for the last month.

"It must have died somewhere or a hawk got it," said Ms. Black.

The kittens began to bring out the best in the tomcat because he grew more comfortable with the people feeding them.

"Especially Kane, my 11-year-old boy. He sits on the lawn and all the cats come running," laughed Ms. Black.

"The male is just the sweetest fellow. You just touch him and he purrs but the kitten is a little wary," she said.

Kane takes photos of the felines almost daily.

Both women wish they could take Stuart and his kitten into their homes but say they can’t.

"Winter is coming on and we’re worried about how they’ll ever survive," said Ms. Strong.

The local SPCA has no room for the pair.

"Surely, someone can take them in and maybe give them a good home."

Phone numbers to call are 662-4117 or 641-2060.



I sure hope this publicity leads to finding Stuart and his kitten a forever home. I think they deserve it, after all they've been through!

Wish I could but I'm nowhere near them
I'm a pushover when it comes to cats/kittens

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I copied this and posted it to a catlovers site that i belong to on myspace.
They even do transports.So hopefully someone there will respond and possibly find a home for these adorable kitties!




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