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Chemar 09-19-2006 07:57 AM

Useful Websites and Reference Resources
I have a ton of these but will start with
because I really appreciate their
as it gives great info on supplements, conditions and supplement-drug interactions etc etc
and their

and sooooo much more on just this one informative website
(I also order a lot of our supplements from them because I find their prices and shipping rates to be really low, and they stock most of the brands and products that we use :) )

Chemar 09-19-2006 08:00 AM

Useful Alternative Links from Jo55 on Mrs. D's Intro thread
Useful Alternative Links from Jo55 on Mrs. D's Intro thread


I like to add some links


for homeopathic and other alternative therapies.

some don't fit in as vitamins or supplements -
but they fit as far as the more natural non - drug stand point


Laser/ Infared/ far infrared

Natural vision improvement


Drug/Vitamin/supplement- interaction checkers & info,4082,,00.html

mrsD 09-19-2006 10:53 AM

Thanks for the sticky, Chemar!
Also there is the Linus Pauling Institute. They just revamped this site, and it
is much more complete, and "newer". But it does not have everything on it.

The educational material at iherb, remains excellent. They have the German
Commisson on Herbs, as well as other things there too. The German data is
still thought to be the most complete world-wide.

I'll be updating this post, as I have time with other references.

Chemar 09-19-2006 04:28 PM

Tourette Syndrome Natural Treatments and more
ACN/Latitudes is an excellent resource for alternative treatments and lots of other useful info related to Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders, AD(H)D, Autism/Aspergers, OCD and Learning Disorders
and Sheila Rogers, the administrator of the site has just published a most informative and comprehensive book on Tics and Tourettes: Breakthrough Discoveries in Natural Treatments

mrsD 09-19-2006 05:59 PM

I am so happy, and amazed ...
to see how times have changed. From being flamed endlessly for suggesting
alternative, useful things for people, so that they can have a good quality of
life, to now, seeing people who have accomplished just that...a quality of life that they deserve.

Now we have so much more public info, and data (which is no longer hidden
in the ivory towers of research).. that people really do have options now
to take control of their improve the quality of those lives.

The rapid and positive responses here are so wonderful for me. For so long I felt like a lone "voice".

KTM5665 09-19-2006 06:07 PM

this place could never function without a couple of "regulars" like yourself, Mrs D. I have ALWAYS looked forward to reading what advice, information etc you gave. Im so glad you came home from the wilderness!:D

mrsD 09-20-2006 07:43 PM

Thanks Alicia....
I welcome your kind words! (as you well know).

rose 09-21-2006 08:16 AM

My B12 website is under construction


rose 09-21-2006 08:18 AM

Cara's gluten file is a must read--seriously underdiagnosed conditions


mrsD 09-26-2006 09:22 AM

The government has put up some interesting and useful websites lately:

The main page:

The information on magnesium is excellent, and explains elemental issues..which many places do not.

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