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caroline2 05-23-2015 01:37 PM

OPC's have been short of a miracle
in my life since I started on Pycnogenol in 1995, then after a year went to grape seed extract. Long history and I could write my own book, but here is a good site to learn about OPC's if you don't have the history of them. Just too too bad, they could not save me from a hip replacement which has been a huge downfall for me since late 2010. Nice to be here and learn more and support others with all I've learned in the last 25 yrs on my alternative healing path.
OPC Antioxidant Reference Guide ... OPC contains real antioxidant protection based upon 50 years of research by Dr. Jack Masquelier and Berkem ...

caroline2 05-27-2015 12:29 PM

I just posted the below in a NewsBot article on more younger people exploring alternatives for cancer treatments. This is my story on OPC's below, I do not have cancer:

I'm very OPEN to alternative treatments IF it would come to that. I've been involved with other mostly alternative health forums and we have discussed enough alternative treatments. On a personal note, I was introduced to Pycnogenol in 1995, it was arriving in the U.S. from France where it was produced over 60 yrs ago. There is a long history on this pine bark cure long before modern medicines were around.

Anyway, we at the lecture were told it "may" prevent cancer(s) . That was music to my 57 yr old ears so got on "P" and it's going on 20 yrs. I have since then found grape seed extract which I've been taking for many many I have found over recent years in all my research, that these OPC's are used in cancer research centers such as Mayo, City of Hope, Univ of Maryand, Kettering etc.

I'm banking on OPC's and these have been a huge topic of conversation in my life for the last 20 yrs coming up soon.

caroline2 05-27-2015 02:13 PM

Just a few of my OBVIOUS supports from taking OPC's...

No more allergy/sinus issues.
No colds/flu for MANY vaccines either.

Improved gum health, years before taking OPC's I had "pockets" in gums,
no more.

Eye health is good for my age, same scripts for the last 8 yrs, no change.

No brain fog ever, hear this problem from so many.

Moles/brown spots reduced.

And so far so good re: cancer issues.

Dosing is generally 1mg per lb of body weight. I weigh 160's and round up to 200mg dose. And I take more than that each day.

When I've had 2 bouts of edema -- one from BP med and the other after hip replacement, I upped dose to like 600mg per day and edema was gone in no time.

Disclaimer: If on pharma blood thinner, then can't take both, one or the other.

caroline2 05-31-2015 11:10 PM

A story about a friend who deals with Ideopathic Neuropathy, she had taken Neurontin for like 8 yrs and dealt with the side effects and finally went off "N"....during that time she was given Lyrica from her doc, but got sick and so did not continue.

She is so much improved with the nerve pain since on grape seed extract for going on 3 yrs...she is 81 and just sorry she didn't know about grape seed ex sooner...but she's happy that she has her 56 daughter on grape seed her daughter will have many years of better health down the road. I was 57 when I got on 20 yrs coming up on both.

Her daughter is dealing with a foot reconstruction surgery, and going on a year post op can only walk a few steps. It's been a HARD surgery and she often wishes she had not done it. The grape seed ex will help with her advancing recovery work.

caroline2 07-03-2015 04:01 PM

bumping reminder..

caroline2 07-05-2015 05:47 PM

Had an early dinner with my friend who attended the lecture on "P" in 1995 with me, she jumped on "P" in Aug '95, me Sept. She didn't have any real issues but has been in alternative healing for most of her life and taught me so much when I met her in 1994, I was on my way with comp/alt healing but meeting her was the icing. She didn't have the allergy/sinus issues so there was no healing there for her, it was me...So I've been much more excited about these OPC's over all these years than she, but she takes her 300mg grape seed ex daily. Over the years, she has taken a break but goes right back on as her "energy drops" when off. She tests her body on a lot of her supps. I've never taken a break, only when hip replacement, had to go off about 5-6 days before. Then back on a couple days later. I'm forever reminding her the major push for us to go on "P" was we were told they "may" prevent cancer(s).

Anyway, I showed her this group and my issues with posting links, so she showed me a better way that I didn't know, so now I use that way.

She's not been on health boards as I have but knows about my years of groups since about 2006.

Her mom will be 92 soon and takes gabapentin but susie is not about to work with her mom to get off it, she does pretty darn good at 92. Still drives to store/docs, she lives in FL, we are in CA.

Anyway, it was good to spend time with her as I've been so out of commission with my dear friends since this hip job, it's been a real setback in many ways. We hung out at my house to almost 9PM. Take care all.

caroline2 07-07-2015 02:22 PM

Here I am again. Talking with other friends, one of them sent me info about a farm/vineyard from Michigan and about all the PURE grape seed products they offer. No fillers.... I may buy their product some day. I have a good supply right now.

caroline2 08-04-2015 12:54 PM

If a person needs to save money, I have found that both Pycnogenol and Grape Seed Extract are available in bulk powder...1/16 tsp of either one is about 200mg of OPC's. Amazon sells all the bulk products. I'll probably buy one or the other and work with the bulk, no fillers involved...pure product.

caroline2 04-29-2016 10:38 PM

Tests done on those who smoke and OPC's:

caroline2 10-31-2016 02:07 PM

Well, I passed 21 yrs on OPC's...grape seed extract and using some Pycnogenol lately due to a new mucus issues, here in So Cal we have no rain and everything is so dry and pollen is worse than ever. No drugs though .. some morning nose blowing and that's it. 21 yrs in Sept. 2016. Found a good enough pycnogenol on ebay. Affordable.

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