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Razorbackfan 07-11-2019 02:50 PM

What to expect when testing for MS
So my journey started over a decade ago with thyroid issues and hashimoto's disease then diagnosed with FM. Fast forward to now still trying to find the right dose for my thyroid. I went for an MRI for migraine headaches and ear ringing and with that was told I have C M I and possibly MS. It has been hinted that i could possibly have MS but no testing has been done. I am scheduled to see a neurosurgeon next week regarding the chiari. Can he diagnose MS as well? I have an appointment with a neurologist in october. Sometimes I feel like one big science experiment.
What can I expect with the neurologist and if my neurosurgeon does diagnose the MS do I need to keep my other appointment? I feel like all my fun money this year is going to be spent on doctor's and test. It will be good to get some answers because I know in some way all this is connected.
Just would like to hear from someone that has been through this journey so many questions running through my mind.

Starznight 07-11-2019 11:25 PM

Some neurologists even if they don’t specialize in MS can still diagnose it, but some might refer you to another more specialized doctor. But as far as testing goes, you will likely be sent for an additional MRI, to ensure they are lesions, and if any additional ones have occurred... migraine headache and even some cluster headaches can appear as lesions during an MRI which is why you may need a second one. You can also expect a physical exam, testing your strength, motor skills, reflexes etc... and obviously they’ll go through your previous medical record and any and all symptoms you currently seem to be having so I suggest writing down your laundry list before the appointment and any and all medications you currently take and probably ones you’ve been on before. Finally most neurologists will also order a lumbar puncture. This is to check your o-band count.

And the most frustrating thing of all, is that, despite the MRI and the lumbar puncture and rhapsody of symptoms, the diagnosis is rarely definitive until a few years have passed, so you could short of it being one of those things where it can’t be anything else but that, you’ll probably be diagnosed as clinically indicated MS, which is a fancy way of saying, you might or might not but to be safe we’re gonna treat you like you do.

Wishing you best of luck, and don’t get discouraged, we’re here for ya if you need to give a whine out :D:hug::D

Razorbackfan 07-12-2019 08:17 PM

Thank you
Thank you for the info. Hopefully the neurosurgeon can look at some of those things. I have already worked on my symptom and medication list. It will be an interesting appointment for sure. Just trying not to get to anxious about things especially the CMI. Will keep everyone updated. Just ready for my appointment on the 18th next Thursday. The waiting is the worst part. I do thank you for sharing that at least I will have an idea of what I might have to do.

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