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bruegger84 01-04-2020 09:48 PM

Prevagen opinion
I currently am somewhat interested in prevagen due to getting older(almost 40) and due to antidepressant and gsbapentin use. Is there a cheaper alternative to prevagen?( whose active ingrtedient is apaequorin. Prevagen is about 35 dollars per 30 capsules 10 mg each

kiwi33 01-04-2020 11:28 PM

Prevagen contains a protein called apoaequorin.

When any proteins (eg, those in your food) are taken by mouth digestive enzymes in the gut break them down into their constituent amino acids. There will be no apoaequorin taken by mouth left after this normal digestive process has happened.

The alleged benefits of Prevagen taken by mouth are about as sensible as suggesting that somebody who has insulin-dependent diabetes should take insulin by mouth for the same reasons.

bruegger84 01-05-2020 01:11 PM

I have tried prevagen and it seems to work

Jo*mar 01-05-2020 05:35 PM

Are you considering it for brain boosting or another reason?

If for brain/memory here are some other options..
1 Best Supplements to Boost Brain Power - Google Search

caroline2 01-05-2020 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by bruegger84 (Post 1282656)
I have tried prevagen and it seems to work

A friend takes Prevagen for memory support. She says it works for her, she goes off and on it. Another friend got off gabapentin when she finally started with Grape Seed Extract and it's probably 8+ yrs she's taking GSE...Me I'm taking it close to 25yrs.

Grape Seed Ex could be a big changer for you, it addresses SO MUCH of our health. I can't imagine life without it.

bruegger84 01-07-2020 11:02 PM

I guess
I guess I am looking for a brain boost(cognition) and memory. But I'm not gonna buy the grape seed extract cuz I've tried resveratrol from jarrow formulas and it did not work and did not taste good. I rather just drink some green tea or something similar. And since most brain boosting substances are in a monster energy drink(lo carb) I usually consider that cuz it has a shistload of b vitamins too as well as l carnitine, taurine, inositol, glucunorolactone etc) and better than it's high sugar counterpart(the green one.) And also i I did try fish oil for a while but it didn't really help.

Maybe I'll try dropping gabapentin for awhile, but am afraid it's protective of me and not make me have a seizure since I have some trouble sleeping at times.

caroline2 03-15-2020 10:33 PM

You said you "tried" Resveratrol and it didn't work. I'm curious how long you tried it and did you take enough for your bodyweight. So much support can be so subtle and then how long someone "tries" it. I find people give up too soon. There is nothing offensive tasting from the grape seed extract to me, nothing at all. So many want these supports to work overnight on probably years of damage.

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