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ConcernedDad 02-03-2020 03:11 AM

4 month old, new shunt, can't lie on it
I've a 4 month old who had a VP shunt fitted about two weeks ago behind his left ear.
Him being so small, the shunt outline is extreme and I can feel the sharp (but rounded) edge of the valve right up against his skin almost protruding.
He cannot lie on that side and as it was the side he learnt to roll over on before shunting is showing signs of being less mobile and unwillingness to move about post op.
Whenever the shunt is pressed, or its scar, he gets upset and this is quite distressing for everyone, he is only sleeping on his right side to avoid shunt pressure.
How long should it take before his head is.large enough or healed enough that he can sleep on it?
How is this going to affect his skull formation?
Neuros can't tell me and just show concerned faces as from their perspective it's all working and the movement and site pain is the physio's job now.

kiwi33 02-03-2020 05:22 AM

Hi ConcernedDad

Welcome to NeuroTalk :).

I am sorry to read about your son.

I have no direct experience of shunts but maybe you could get the neuros to recommend a physio who has experience of working with a child of your son's age on this.

All the best.

Faxelsson61 09-01-2020 06:47 AM

I don't know if you still have problems with it, but as someone who got my shunt replaced a month ago I can say that even for me, it will take a while. Two weeks afterwards I know that I was so sore in the area I couldn't even have a pillow or even blanket resting there, and it takes time to even be able to touch it. I wouldn't be worried, but don't leave it out when talking to doctors

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