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GeeLuv 02-29-2020 12:59 AM

Onychotillmania (nail picking) and Hair twirling
Hey all!

Just wondering if anyone else suffers from this and has any information about it, such as why it happens and what we can do about it. I haven't officially been diagnosed with it yet, but I've noticed it to the point of it being concerning over the past few months. Like, any time I wear my hair down, I twirl. My hair has been getting long and hasn't been cut in awhile...i think it might be time to have a serious discussion with my husband why cutting it might be healthy for me. (He prefers long hair, but if this gets bad or leads to pulling...)

Sorry, I'm not sure how much detail we can talk about these things on here so I'll stop there or will understand if this needs editting.

But the more concerning issue is the nail picking. It takes up time to do it to get my nails even and feeling neat. And I guess I'm just really bothered by my long brittle nails. I mean i think it has to do with the weather, because I had no trouble growing out my nails long last summer, but this winter they've been brittle and that's just a recipe for picking. Anyway, as I said, it takes out time and it's just frustrating when I can't make the nail even but I keep trying anyway until I do...

Um, not sure what else to say. Should I also add my excoriation habit onto this thread as well? It's only my cuticles that really bother me though as a habitual compulsion. Sigh! Not sure what really changed since I started all this...i mean, like I said, maybe just the weather...and the long hair after so many years.

Thanks for reading!

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