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miss2000 05-17-2020 09:49 AM

Tests to diagnose nerve/ muscle damage/compression?
Hello everyone!

I知 looking for some advice! I知 38 yo female.
3 months ago, after a buttock injection (migraine), I developed a lump at the area. A couple of weeks later I started feeling numb and weak in the affected leg; my pcp referred me over ultrasound therapy to break up the lump tissue (suspecting it was pressing on my nerve). One pt session worsened my symptoms; the pain spread to the muscles that Makes me unable to walk, exercise or stand for a long period of time. I also have some muscle twitching and occasional involuntary legs at jerking at rest. There is also a burning pain radiating from the lump down the outer side of my thigh..
This morning, I felt similar symptoms in my other leg- achiness and twitching..

I知 at the end of rope; the only testing that was done was ultrasound and ct scan of the area (which showed a fat mass deposit (post injection) and minor inflammation, as well as 1 cm cyst - which I was told too superficial to cause any symptoms)..only after I begged to have something done otherwise my doctor was prescribing Gabapentin without any testing..
I feel like my symptoms are getting worse, I知 only 38 and a single mom; this crippled me essentially and no doctor is willing to do any further testing and come up with diagnosis to see if my issue could be helped with.. . I wonder if it is a nerve compression that can be surgically fixed to prevent permanent damage, or damage was done during the injection itself? Will this ever get better?
I知 being referred to a Neuro - with the whole Covid issue, she is only scheduled To see in 3 months for EMG. I wonder if I should seek another option/doctor who might do testing in the meantime..Just not sure what tests I should ask for..

I知 sorry for a long rant; I am just checking in to see if any one else went through a similar situation and what tests you had done . Thank you so much beforehand!🙌

Diamond Tiger<3 09-03-2020 01:19 PM

I'm sorry to hear about your pain.
The only test I can think of is a nerve conduction test if you are concerned about possible nerve damage. I had my test performed by a pain management doctor. I would seek out for a second opinion. I hope this helps.
Good luck!

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