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Genuine3 09-10-2020 12:06 PM

Horror life never stopping
Landlord is a hoarder. I rent a room within his home. (my area spic and span)
no other option, shelters full, not afford a one bedroom, no ghetto woman here !

He unscrewed gas cap, i drove without it on for two days. (had run in to him at our local gas station, saw him touch)

landlord has other guy in his home- not paying rent// he has anxiety complex.

Realizing that it does not matter what i want or what i may try to do-----f a i l u r e is number one.

Not depressed, reality .
Who does this ?? Spits in a cup you know someone will drink..?
Takes off gas cap of a woman thats renting from you?
Lets 10 pounds of air out of a person's tires on a regular basis..?

I have looked for an apt for over five years in central pa.
Ive been homeless throughout this period of time, ....had some stays in motels,... Ran a housesitting business, found couches at friends end a friendship and so on.

I am christian, caucasian, over 40 with no dependents and no bad habits. Did i mention,poor ?

Kitt 09-20-2020 10:45 AM

Welcome Genuine3. :Wave-Hello: Someone may be able to help.


caroline2 09-20-2020 01:26 PM

My heart goes out to you, and sadly there are too many in the same position. The landlord issue, that's another thing, a lot of cruel, mean spirits out there....I wish you goodness.... Hope things can turn around for you.

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