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kinjo28 12-02-2020 08:41 PM

New here
Hi all. Iíve just been diagnosed with TN. Trying to gather information on easing the symptoms. From what Iíve read already my case seems pretty common with others here. I first thought I had a sinus infection. I went to my gp and he prescribed me antibiotics. I woke up at 3am and felt like someone was digging my molar out from the inside with a hot ice pick. Pain moved from my teeth to my sinus. All on the left side of my face. I hopped on google after the pain subsided. I saw that it could be my teeth so I got an appointment that day. I got X-rays . They didnít see anything and I was told that the cleaning would be 800. They said it was most likely a sinus infection. I went back home that night I gargled salt water and holy crap i triggered that pain like no other. I got it ! It has to be my teeth. Next day I was in the dentist chair. I was all good and numbed up . In the middle of the cleaning I got another pain attack. The dentist was literally jabbing all my teeth saying it canít be your teeth. Man I didnít know what was going on. In fact after the cleaning I went to my car and broke down in tears. Which isnít a thing Ive done since I was a little kid. I told my dr the same thing Iím telling you now and he told me about TN. I still canít say it right. This was about two weeks ago. Feels like one long *** day. Have no clues what caused it . I was in a bad car wreck when I was in my 20s , I been kicked in the head a lot from sparring and tournaments before that. [emoji2369]who knows. Iíve been given tegrotol idk how long it takes to work. My pains been pretty mild since that dentist office. Had a few bad flare ups. Shits changed my life . Looking forward to reading everyoneís posts thanks for reading.

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Lil Wolf 12-06-2020 11:37 PM

Hi Kinjo28! I'm fairly new here too, I haven't posted my situation because it's really long. Mine started a year ago. I've been on medical leave since March. I know how aggravating it is when your teeth hurt like heck & everybody says it's not your teeth. I was told TN also, then not TN, it's a muscle, then it's a tendon, but it's not your teeth. I cry several times a day from pain. I hope this gets resolved for you.

Kitt 12-07-2020 12:06 PM

Lil Wolf. :welcome_sign:

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