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heybro 01-22-2021 12:18 AM

Problems Wearing Shirts
Years post surgery, I have no problem wearing shirts that I have always worn.

However, when I try to wear a new shirt made of the same fabric and from the same company as my old shirts, I get a sensation that I can feel the shirt touching my tender nerves around my surgery site. It gets worse the longer I wear it and it starts making my entire surgery side from shoulders to my pinky finger and to my foot feel very irritated.

It all goes away once I ditch the new shirt.

I've tried wearing it just for a little bit but the result is equally bad.

I am safe guarding my clothes and am prepared to mend, sew, fix them forever. Is there anything else to try?

I'm thinking of wearing a giant tank top. I've also thought of just bandaging the entire area under my shirt because I feel like it's the rubbing when I move against the fabric.

It doesn't hurt, thank goodness. But over time, it irritates it badly.

Thank you for any insight! TOS always throws me something new!

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