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Lara 03-18-2021 03:32 AM

Cornell Lab Feeder Watch Live
I see that Cornell has some really neat feeder cams online these days. I'd not seen these ones before. They really do a great job. I hope I see some feeding when I check next time. It's early morning there now as I type, so no action.


mrsD really loved the Red Tail Hawks. I always think of her when I check their site.


from Taiaroa Head New Zealand.


I couldn't sleep so I was checking on the Albatross because I figured it would be daybreak in NZ. It's still dark but some of the older footage of this Albatross chick sitting on the edge of the cliff is spectacular.

kiwi33 03-18-2021 05:21 PM

Thanks Lara.

Taiaroa Head New Zealand is worth a look. It is a taonga (treasure) of NZ.

Chemar 03-18-2021 07:45 PM

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I love the Cornell Live Bird Cams and some others around the US and World - PixCams have some good ones too.

One of the most active and with amazing birds by day and other nocturnal visitors is in S Africa - Allen Bird Cam


It has an amazing Genet that stops by at night! (see pic below)

I think of mrsD so often when watching any of those Cams :Heart:

Lara 03-18-2021 08:30 PM

Thanks Chemar, that's so special and I love learning about creatures that we don't have here.

Some of the footage of the Albatross brought tears to my eyes after learning how difficult it is for them just to survive hatching. Then they're fighting off all the plastics in the oceans and then if they survive everything else they go on to live for more than 40 years. They must get so tired. I found it very exciting to open that particular cam and see the chick sitting there all alone on that beautiful headland and it's so large yet so fragile and vulnerable.

Kiwi, your home country is a very unique and beautiful place on earth. I'm sorry I visisted so many other places but didn't get there.

Lara 03-19-2021 12:54 AM

A question
By the way, on the live cam below that I have checked on and off today...


... I see the camera has panned a little to the right this afternoon and I can now see what appears to be another fluffy white object (a chick?) moving in the grass to the far right of screen. :confused:

Anyone else see that? EDITED to add --- It's night-time now though so can't see anything clearly.

It has been there in the same spot so doesn't appear to be a parent bird. Just curious as I thought they only had one chick.

Maybe it's another type of seabird.

Lara 03-27-2021 05:52 PM

FYI for those who follow the season for the Red Tailed Hawks, Big Red has laid her first egg for the year on March 26th and is in the nest. :)


Lara 06-05-2021 03:55 PM

Saw the Genet
I meant to mention some weeks back that I saw the Genet on the South Africa bird cam but I have been sidetracked terribly by the horrid dog attack. It was so beautiful. Very cat-like and reminded me of my tabby except my tabby was grey and white and the Genet was mostly browns. I just happened to look at the right time.

We have so many beautiful birds here on my property. It's like a little oasis. Have a lot of birds of prey too because of the surrounding cane fields. I've tried but it's awfully difficult to photograph birds.

EDITED to add: I forgot to mention the 3 Red-tailed Hawks are getting so big and have lots of their colour now. I don't watch too often at this stage because their meals are a little off-putting.

Lara 02-11-2022 10:49 PM


New Albatross chick



3 Feb 2022


Gotta love New Zealand!

kiwi33 02-13-2022 02:18 AM

Thanks, Lara.

I didn't know that the Albatrosses in NZ are so famous. I have visited them a few times at a place just out of Dunedin. The NZ Department of Conservation has gotten excited.

The chick has been named Tiaki. It is a female and the name means to protect or conserve in Maori.

So far this season there have been 17 female and 15 male chicks hatched. They are some of our taonga (Maori for treasure).

Lara 02-13-2022 03:56 PM

Well, they're famous to me. :)

I find them fascinating. I love that people care about them.The location is glorious and I love that they're being looked after like that to make sure they survive and helping to fend off the fly strike that would surely kill them.

Tiaki was the one from last season and the one from the beginning of this thread.

This is a brand new chick.

Tiaki has a tracking device and there's a tracking map. Tiaki is a long way from home.


They really are treasures.

Thank you for all the information. FYI I've been watching Grand Designs New Zealand and I've found a few places where I could happily live if there were no earthquakes. lol. ;)

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