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trojanbrain 10-08-2021 12:08 AM

Some questions and information for others suffering.
Hi guys. Several years have passed since I received head trauma = TBI. Things were very hard for me and my family since this unfortunate incidence, but with perseverance and patience, things started to slowly get better. More recently I discovered the power of photobiomodulation and thought to try to heal the rest of my head. From most of the studies I read, treatment is considered safe. After ordering a 54W red/IR light from Amazon, I attempted treatments to my right temporal/occipital lobe, mostly to clear up some nerve damage. Over the next couple days, I started getting very dramatic dizzy spells like I've never had before. They were strong enough to floor me.
My wife took me to the hospital where a CT +/- dye was performed and a 4mm with broad neck and 1mm something or another was discovered in my Internal Carotid Artery. I was alarmed, but determined to conduct some research on my own and thought I should ask your community some questions and maybe contribute what I myself have been discovering... if appropriate.

First off, idk if that's such a big deal; a 4mm aneurysm isn't a giant aneurysm, and after the TBI, I'm lucky to be alive tbh, so I'm grateful for that. I received a MRI only about two years following my TBI. I did go to the hospital at first, but I suppose the fist sized edema on the back of my head didn't worry the doctor so much, who simply diagnosed me with a concussion and that was that. The MRI showed (what I presume) a lacular stroke in the frontal lobe... perhaps this was from the aneurysm? I believe the ICA does reach this region... but maybe the bleed was from another head trauma from childhood.

Let's move on. The GP was given my results, and I requested to see a highly rated neurosurgeon for advice. You see, at 4mm, I don't think the pain and dizziness is qualified. Could this be caused by something else? Say a brain lesion? or cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT)? Which makes me wonder whether or not CVT is a cause of aneurysms in the first place. See, if the blood clots on its way out, there will be an increase in the cerebral arteries, which could result in the appearance of an aneurysm. The problem then isn't having an aneurysm, but that a blood clot is preventing proper flow, or possibly a damaged vein/sinus.

But doctors rarely request a venogram. That's a special CT scan, which takes a whole two minutes to conduct... but they don't ask for it. So wouldn't a CT-V scan be warranted prior to surgery?

trojanbrain 10-08-2021 06:48 PM

One of the question therefore is will a regular MRI or CT scan with/without contrasting dye show CVT? I'm not sure, because if it does, then why does a venogram even exist?

Also, if there is blood clotting, which would explain my symptoms: right nasal sinus congestion, right temporal lobe ache, lower right occipital pain + slight edema, and the recurring tenderness along sagittal sinus. I think this probably qualifies for intracranial pressure, wouldn't a physician want to see a venogram? How many other people in our society are carrying blood clots that will potentially cause strokes that couldn't otherwise be detected by a 2 min scan?
And shouldn't the back pressure be measured anyhow? The studies I've seen discuss the flow of blood into the aneurysm, but I haven't seen anything discuss venous blood (sinus) thrombosis (CVT, CVST) except that leads to sub arachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), which is deadly. The medical professionals will check your blood pressure, but if the pressure is different in your head, then what good will systolic/diastolic monitoring be? Unless of course, if its too late, maybe. idk.

More questions. More studies.

Kitt 10-09-2021 09:00 AM

Welcome trojanbrain. :Wave-Hello:

agate 10-09-2021 11:04 AM

trojanbrain, welcome!

I can't answer your specific questions but there is this about the causes of brain aneurysms:

Brain aneurysm - Causes

My daughter had a (ruptured) brain aneurysm, and at the time I was told that anything that raises blood pressure could cause an aneurysm to rupture.

trojanbrain 10-09-2021 09:42 PM

I tried
I'm very sorry guys but I think you misunderstood my posts. I wasn't here seeking support, but trying to help others. I was breaking up my posts because they would drag on too long**

I can add some information for others.

Please use Google Scholar to look up the recent studies relating to cerebral aneurysms.

Consider using glycine as a supplement. This has been found to prevent damage if rupture/stroke occurs and may even mitigate aneurysms themselves. Also include ice packs to the head as this causes hypothermia neuroprotection. These are items you should have around the house in case of emergency if a stroke happens.

Also look up the recent research on CoQ12 (ubiquinone) and metformin as these compounds appear to attenuate (stop) aneurysm progression.

There are some rare cases in which aneurysms spontaneously disappear (!)

Small saccular aneurysms are generally safe unless they are irregular in shape, in which case, they may rupture anytime.

I also advise people here to review how to reverse plaque/arteriosclerosis formation, which is possible. This is partially related.

Hemodynamic blood flow is familial because the way your arteries are shaped during development (as determined by genetics), which influence the development of aneurysms. If someone in your immediate family has been diagnosed with an aneurysm, I strongly recommend your family members and you undergo screening.


God bless you all.

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