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Crps, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

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Default Crps, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Hello All

I am new to the site and grateful to have come a cross it. So here's some background. I have suffered with arthritis since I was 10 I am now 35. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyala Brough about after a gallbladder surgery nearly killed me. Fast forward to now I had a arthroscopy done on my right knee on the 10th of April. I expected longer then usual healing time due to my health problems. I was lucky that I got an appointment with my rheumatologist 2 weeks later who reckonised the symptoms I put down to fibro where in fact crps. She put an urgent referral through to PT. I have since seen the PT 3 times and whilst she gave me exercises to do the first time she has not touched me is this normal?. I have also been back to see the surgeon who talked about further surgery, however when I mentioned the crps he just stopped said he couldn't do anything and to come back in 4 months, he didn't even look at the knee!.

My gp is doing what he can. I've started taking gabapentin just up the dose today so it 3 3 x times a day of 300mg. I was already on a lot of medication including high painkillers I have however increased the immediate release of oxycodone with I take along with the modified release.

I am due to see my gp Thursday as PT what's me referring to neurology but he thinks pain management who I've seen for previous problems. Which do you think is best? My symptoms have progressed quickly in my opinion the knee is very swollen and no amount of moving helps it just gets worse. The more I do move the swelling just spreads to the rest of the leg. This then feels like my skin is to over stretched. I have already noticed skin changes along with hair and nail changes. I'm having a flare up at the moment but it's from the arthritis as my hands are very sore along with my ribs and chest. I often wonder if the other conditions I have are make the crps progress quicker.

Sorry for the long post, kinda needed to get it all out. I am unable to go back to work at the moment and having to consider I won't as I'm a dispenser in a busy pharmacy and stand all day. I would never manage, I found it was becoming increasingly difficult before crps but now it's just not possible. I knew I'd never work that job till retirement but I never thought I'd need to stop at 35. I imagine this post sounds rather depressing but actually my spirit is okay, just a bit bruised due to the flare up.

Anyway its nice to have found somewhere people will understand.

Have a great day!

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Hello lonaday and welcome to NeuroTalk. I am sorry that you have had to find a place like this but it is a great place to let it all out and vent when you need to as most of us can likely relate in some way of what you are going through.

You may find that many of us have more than one problem going on so you are not alone there. I for one have CRPS, arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. Having more than one specialist is not uncommon so you may want to see both a pain management doctor as well as a neurologist. Both can do different things to help control or possibly even send your pain into remission. It's also common for some people to see a rheumatologist but who all you see is up to you and your doctor. I only see a pain management doctor and that took me a long time to find one I am comfortable seeing. I now drive over 6 hours every 3 months just to see her.

In a way, it is good that your PT won't touch you. It shows that they have an understanding of CRPS. The number one thing that they should be aware of, as well as anybody, is to not touch you unless you tell them that it is okay. I am sure that you have found by now that if they don't ask and they touch you where you have CRPS it can be rather painful. I would like to mention that it is a good idea to keep things moving as much as possible. It may hurt at first but it will likely improve with time.

I hope that you are able to find the information and support that you are looking for here.


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"Thanks for this!" says:
BioBased (07-12-2018)
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One of my girl friends has your same problem.
I'm going to ask her if she has an account here.
She gives me all kinds of help because, well, she knows. She's had the beast for 22 years now.
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Thanks for the replies sorry its been a few days as I mentioned I'm having a flare and they've not been good days not much sleep.

I saw my gp today and he's started me propanalol 80mg in the hopes that this will help the blood vessels open more. If it helps it should improve my circulation and the swelling. He also referred me back to pain management. We agreed that if they think neurology will help they can refer me. But they have access to the nerve blocks ect so we've gone with them first.

I understand about staying active as much as possible and in the safety of my home I only use my stick, however for any kind of distance outside its just not possible at the moment my none crps leg is also very sore as is my back so they also impeded my walking. But I am trying to move around as much as possible.

It would be interesting to hear your friends views on having all three conditions Frankb. I agree purlpefoot about physio not touching me but I just wondered if there was something we could be doing. I think the concern is that rather then just the crps I've had surgery on an already arthritic knee and we don't know what's going on inside. I might put it to pain management that an mri might help to make sure there's nothing else going on so it's safe to push the physio a little more.

Sorry I start writing and thoughts come to me. Having a few to many memory problems at the momentCrps, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Anyway thanks again for the replies.


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BioBased (07-12-2018), PurpleFoot721 (07-12-2018)

arthritis, crps, day, due, knee

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