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Tennis elbow cure

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Originally Posted by minymo View Post
Maybe this is on here somewhere already, I have not actually followed and read all the links, but any time I look at info about Repetitive Strain Injury, I never see mentioned a simple and cheap thing that cured my tennis elbow years ago:
My doc sent me to a shop where they sell all sorts of things like walking aides etc. that people use at home. They measured my arm and sold me for less than 100 dollars a white elastic tunnel, somewhat like what tennissers put on their wrists, only it reached from the middle of the lower arm to the middle of the upper arm. With the prescription it was even free, i.e. the insurance paid me back. It had semi-hard small gel cushions around the little pointy bone that sticks out a bit on the outside of the elbow, where the pain was, but not on top of it. They explained with this thing I need to keep moving the arm as opposed to other treatments, that way the little cusions massage the affected tendons. The use of this is that tendons have very little bloodflow which makes them heal very slowly as compared to the muscles etc. It really cures the thing in something like 6 weeks.
Some things get forgotten about and snowed under with all the advanced stuff around so I thought I'd tell people here, since a tennis elbow is usually hard to deal with, especially if you can't rest it properly, and tends to come back.
Although not the only cause playing tennis frequently is one of the main causes of tennis elbow. In addition to frequency of play, poor form, and not building the proper muscles play a major role. Another factor often overlooked is the type of tennis racquet and string you use when playing. Using arm-friendly racquets and strings can greatly minimize the strain on your arm when playing and thus prevent or help you get back to playing pain free on a much shorter time frame.
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Default A Couple of Remedies

Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow are almost always just repetitive stress with bad posture, ie: musculature imbalance.

If you're on the computer, look into keyboards that are ergonomic. Fix your posture. I had this and fully recovered and wound up with TOS a year and a half later because i never fixed my shoulder posture which probably predisposed me to getting an elbow RSI in the first place.

Remedies that work:
Heat and Ice.
Ice bath (fill a sink or a 5gallon bucket with ice). Ice your entire forearm. In the beginning i would just try a lot of icing to remove inflammation, and within a day or 3 start alternating between ice, and heat. You can fill a bath, or the second sink, with hot water, and just roate back and forth every minute or 3. this moves blood in and out.
You can have really cold and really hot, or you can have cold-ish and kinda-hot. I prefer colder to ensure that im really pushing the blood out.

Blood in this case is getting trapped in these muscles that are possibly full of scar tissue. Trapped blood means not enough oxygen can get in, and the trapped blood is full of pain receptors. Pushing that blood out will allow healing to begin.

This is fairly conservative, youll need to address the tissue too.

Grastons and ART
Find a sports chiropractor or someone who can perform this on you. It's not that painful. They will just rake your injury with instruments to break up scar tissue.

Trigger Points
Trigger points in your forearm, upper arm, and shoulder, can exacerbate this. Get a la crosse ball, and either put it in a long sock or just use it directly on the wall and find tender areas and work them out.
The Trigger Point Workbook by claire davies is a great place to start.

I had a tendinosis of the elbow and needed to use all 3 of these modalities to get better, but the recovery was relatively quick when i was able to find a good chiro with Grastons.
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Welcome saintpaulsuburb.
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