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Wow! As I read...I am brought to tears. The reason being is that I too was recently diagnosed and also said to be very intelligent but always wondered...why me? why do I have these episodes? What do I do to stop them? I am on new medication that seems to help some however due to peoples ignorance concerning this particular disorder...I am mistreated. I always wonder...why???? why me? will I ever have a "normal" life???? thanks for your posts.....
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Brain patch (03-25-2013), Brokenfriend (12-26-2012), Mark56 (03-31-2012)
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Heart Good Morning Lady

Best of all worlds is whether you, being medicated, are able to maintain life among others in the world, for we who live with children thus affected have learned the heart ache of our child still fearful, although the episodes are managed better on medication.

Perhaps your place of the continuum of one so affected is toward the side which is less affected. Our son is beyond the middle point in the other direction. No longer "hearing" compulsions to meet incognito celebrities at out of the way locations to provide words of guidance to them [the manifestation of voices for him] he is regaining personality and is more in the normative he had known as himself before diagnosis, with two big remaining issues, fears still overwhelm and prevent his more normative reintroduction into society as a whole, while ocassional bouts with non-epileptic psychogenic seizures do occur although with more rarity.

I will pray you are able to find resumption of your life without voices and be fulfilled,
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Brokenfriend (12-26-2012), ladydeedee (03-31-2012)
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I hear whispering sounds at times. Mostly when I'm around people if my anxiety is up. I can't tell what the whispering sounds are saying,but it seems like it's coming from the people around me. I've been on seroquel,and a couple of other meds.

The whispering sounds sound like numerous people whispering about me. I don't talk about this very often. BF
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Hearing voices need not mean you’re crazy, says activist

A Toronto man has learned to live with the voices in his head and argues they have been a positive part of his life…. (Toronto Star March 31, 2013

At the end of the article it says:

If you’re hearing voices and it’s not causing any problems, and if you’re able to function and pose no danger to yourself or others, then “carry on with your life,” he says.

Who has heard voices?

Many famous people have reported they’ve heard voices and history has recorded some of them, like Joan of Arc, who believed she was getting messages from God. St. Theresa of Avila also reported having visions and hearing voices.

Singer Jennifer Hudson reported hearing the voice of her brother and her mother in her head, after they were murdered in 2008. Their voices were calming and encouraging, she says, telling her she should sing again.

Actor Anthony Hopkins admitted in a media interview that he sometimes hears a critical, mocking voice in his head, and links it to an insecure childhood.

Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson has also spoken about hearing voices in his head.

Winston Churchill suffered from bouts of depression and there are reports that he sometimes heard voices.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote about hearing a voice, from time to time, which guided him and which he believed was the voice of God.


Intervoice (International Network for Training, Education and Research into Hearing Voices)
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The voices give you a direct line to your subconscious. When you hear them commenting on your thoughts, thats your own brain doing the commenting. If they say negative things, thats a manifestation of your fears and negative beliefs. I recommend learning about NLP, it can allow you to gain full control over these seemingly automatic processes going on in your brain.
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Originally Posted by Chaliponga View Post
../.I recommend learning about NLP, it can allow you to gain full control over these seemingly automatic processes going on in your brain.
NLP? What does it stand for?
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Default How do you talk to the voices?

Originally Posted by tusu View Post
It takes some some time for new medications to work, some people say their symptoms just continue to improve for a year or more. You can find ways to work with the medications, too. Focusing on positive things, talking back to voices, many things can help. Too having the voices quiet down is good, that's a good sign.
We're on our second meds for the voices, the 1st on resperdal my son was having tremors and really spaced out. His eye's were getting dry from not blinking. The doc just suggest another one called haloperidol. I hope it'll help we'll get that one tommorrow but the voices...how do you tell them to stop? he's only 18 and I really feel awful about it, he thinks we put a chip in his head?! Poor Ben.
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Originally Posted by darkside35 View Post
voices they are always there they wont stop. i am on new meds and they have quieted down a little but even with meds will they always be there will i ever be free i dont know very frustrating
Dear Darkside35;

Prayer to God frequently through the day helps keep my voices at bay. I pray Angelus at 6 a.m., noon and 6 p.m., morning offering, Devine Mercy at 3 p.m. and rosaries at 8 p.m.

Also, mindfulness, which is a way of concentrating on the present here and now.

The voices are very distracting. It's like having noise on all the time.

Love, Roberta7659
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