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caroline2 caroline2 is offline
Join Date: May 2015
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Posts: 3,313
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Default SLEEP, More and More, Are Getting Less and Less Sleep

I just posted this on another group since so many on another Mental Group sleep so little, it's TRAGIC.

and you know what it is: Technology, sitting and working and playing
at the computers 24/7, many go to bed with their instruments.

It's a crime, and I hear it over and over again on some groups I'm on, but not
so much on groups with OLDER people, people who escaped a lot the wild tech world...

People are suffering with no sleep or so little sleep. Sleep is #1 for healing
our bodies.... so many drugged with pharma sleep drugs.

I started having sleep issues after Menopause, in my 50's, and was told I have Fibro, but not sure about the fibro stuff.

So I got to work in about 1999 and came up with my Sleep Recipe. And in recent months, I started turning off the computer by 8PM.......

I'll post what works for me, and do what you want with my info....Key is to start taking "the stuff" about 2 hrs before one wants to put their heads on
the pillow for a good night's sleep. Starting early gets the body ready for sleep.

I like to hit the pillow at 11:30PM or so, and start taking "my stuff" at about

Start first with 500mg Inositol or Inositol/Choline combo...either work.

About 10-10:30PM I take:

1/2 mg Melatonin
500mg Tryptophan
50mg P5P (Vit B6 best form)
1 tab Calms Forte Homeopathic Calming tab

People can adjust all or some of the above for their bodies.

For me, I also take 1 iburprofen every 6 hrs as I live with arthritic
pain and this low dose helps to manage the pain and damage I deal

Peace out all and get some SLEEP.
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