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Interview with Yoko Ono

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clouds z
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Default Interview with Yoko Ono


Interview with Yoko Ono

On the eve of the our Imagine Campaign rollout, we sat down to talk with Yoko Ono about the "Imagine" song, her thoughts on the world and working for peace. Here are some of the highlights.

So why was "Imagine" written?

YOKO: John wrote it with a very deep love for the human race and a concern for its future.

Do you think it's more relevant today than it was at the time it was written?

YOKO: Well, it's getting relevant, isn't it? But it was always relevant and I hope that one day we don't have to sing it anymore. It's a song that is really concerned about the betterment of the world and I think it's effective.

Do you think that things have maybe escalated to a worse place than at the time when it was written?

YOKO: I wouldn't say it that it's in a worse place. I think this is the big confrontation. And we really have to see that and confront it and do something to make it better.

Do you think there is anything we can do on a personal level?

YOKO: Yes. I think what we do really effects the world. I know that most of us think we can't do anything, it's up to the politicians or something like that. But it really isn't true. Politicians are a reflection of us in a way...but we have to always know that each one of us plays a part in changing the world.

How does one do that?

YOKO: Every drop in the ocean counts. I'd like to tell you a very simple thing that we can do. Every day, do something that makes your heart dance. And if your heart is so depressed that you can't dance, then do something that will make other people's hearts dance...it could be as simple as giving a phone call. If you kept doing that for three months, you'll see an incredible change in your life. Your life totally changes. And if your life changes, well, in the same manner, we can change the world, too.

So one person at a time?

YOKO: Yes. One person at a time. But together.

And what was going on with John when he wrote it?

YOKO: He was really thinking in terms of a concern for the future of the human race. And the planet. And he had this love - this deep, strong love -- for the human race and its future.

What do you think this song means to the current generation?

YOKO: Along with what Ghandi preached and Martin Luther King, Imagine is a very powerful statement that will live inside the children, and it will help them.

What world do you imagine?

YOKO: I imagine a world where everybody will live in peace together.

Can you talk a little bit about the meaning and purpose of this "Imagine" campaign?

YOKO: The "Imagine" campaign is such a beautiful campaign. I'm just enthralled by it. I've found that most children, even when they're five or six, they know the lyrics of "Imagine." It's an amazing world. By bringing this "Imagine" campaign all over the world, and by asking children of different countries to sing the song, it's a way of getting children to come together. And I think it's beautiful.

I thought it was important to say yes to this "Imagine" campaign because of Amnesty International. I always respected their activities and the high ideas. What they were doing was always very effective, wise, and with very good intentions and good power.

You've agreed to have "Imagine" be re-recorded by children around the world. Why do you think it's meaningful to hear children sing this song now?

YOKO: Through singing the song, "Imagine", children will learn about human rights,...the importance of world peace...(and) that we are all together in this. We are all dreamers creating the next world, the next beautiful world for ourselves and for our children.

Do you feel an urgency to get out the message now?

YOKO: Well, the world situation is pretty tense, as we know, as we all know... There are many things that are happening that leads us to believe that it can go into an incredible negative situation, as well. So we have to really hurry up. For that, we have to really know that we are together in this. You see, the most interesting thing is, even when we are arguing with each other, our hearts are beating in unison. We should know that we are all part of the whole, we are all together. And everything that we do effects each other.

If you could imagine one thing for this campaign, what would it be?

YOKO: If there is one thing that I wish for this campaign, it is to come together knowing the power of the people and what we can do together.

A final thought?

YOKO: Imagine a more safer and peaceful world. Imagine all of us living life in peace.
"No one's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session." Mark Twain
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When the Iraq war started I said: What would John Lennon say?
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Thanks Cloudz! I've been a John Lennon fan since 1964. If onty his words were listened to more.

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