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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/Brachial Plexopathy. In Memory Of DeAnne Marie.

I can feel my fingertips for the first time in ten years - Botox, Dr. Donahue

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Default namenda

My insurance quotes me a price of $229.80 for 90 days. Steep, but probably worth it if it as good as you say. Insurance also suggests donepezil hydrochloride as a lower cost alternative ($11.35 for 90 days). Any thoughts on donepezil's effectiveness?
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Originally Posted by Eight View Post
Okay, so I have been taking Namenda XR (for nerve pain) for almost four weeks and it seems to be helping quite a bit. I started out at 7mg and increased by 7mg a week up to 28 mg per day now. It is actually an alzheimers medication, but also helps with pain - in interrupts the pain signals in the brain in a different way than opioid medications do. But here is the really awesome thing about it, since opiod medications make you sort of stupid, out of it, groggy, sleepy, etc... this is NOT like that. In fact, because it is a "cognitive enhancer", rather that being dumber, I'm actually remembering more and getting smarter on top of having less pain. So really though, here is the catch, it is only approved for alzheimers, but is used off label for things such as phantom limb pain, neuropathic pain, and several other things. I was given a sample pack and am not sure if my insurance will pay for it, and when I looked it up on GoodRX.com, it was either $300 or $600 or something crazy like that per month. Anyway, this drug is awesome for the nerve pain, I will keep you guys updated as to how it goes with my insurance when I go back to the neurologist later this week. Feeling Human!!!!
Brilliant. Hope the good news continues!!

See if you can get somebody from India to get you a few.

Works out very cost effective, since 1$ = 60 Rs.
Some of these firms, Sun pharma etc are Ok. You can check the firm website and Annual Reports etc to get an idea of the company etc.
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Reason I say this is because antibiotics made by Dr Reddys which sell in India for a few$ cost 80$ in the US. Its a massive rip off from the customer point of view, if you pay out of pocket.
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My Mood: I can feel my fingertips for the first time in ten years - Botox, Dr. Donahue

TOSlady and Akash, I will look into both of those options. My insurance won't pay for the NamendaXR for me, so I'm no longer on it, and that sucks.

Akash, do you need a prescription to get the Namenda from India? I looked it up and it is basically less than $2.00 for a month prescription if I looked at it correctly, shipping will cost more. I know the non-extended release kind is $60 and they will ship it to you from Canada....

TOSlady, I will ask my neurologist about that medication and see what he thinks.

My doctor had me up to 13,000 mg of Keppra and I ended up having auditory and visual hallucinations from it along with the Tegretal.... It was interacting with the Tegretal which I was at 600 mg daily, so it made the Tegretal stronger, causing Tegretal poisoning effectively and I lost my balance and would get very dizzy and became paranoid and extremely slow thinking, basically I became and idiot and increasingly so as the dose increased, but then I would grow a tolerance to the level and get better with the slow thinking up to about 8,000 mg was tolerable for all side effects so long as I increased those dose no more than once a week or once every two weeks by about 500-1000 mg. Soooo, I guess I tested the limits of those medications, lol. Anyway, I am off both of them now, though I did lose 45 lbs while on the Keppra and it did help with the nerve pain. I went off it really quick which was a bad idea and went through major withdrawal for about 5 days.

So I want to share my current medications, because I'm doing fairly well on them:

100 mg of Tramadol XR twice a day - once in the morning and once at bedtime
300 mg of Trileptal twice a day
Torodal 10 mg - up to 4 times daily, but that much would eat away my stomach and cause bleeding in the stomach on a regular basis, so I usually only take 1-2 pills per day.
Nexium 60-80 mg per day - to help prevent the stomach problems that Torodal ALWAYS causes if taken over long periods of time.
Lorazepam .5 mg - I usually take one at night because that is when my nerve pain is the worst and I get anxious when I start hurting so much which only makes my muscles tighten up and worsens the pain.
Savella - 50 mg twice a day

If I really want to not hurt one day I will take 40-80 mg dextromethorphan per day, because that is also an NMDA antagonist and it blocks the pain signals to the brain. However, I have to take this before 2pm or I won't sleep at night, and I can't do this every day or I will develop a tolerance and at higher levels it causes hallucinations and paranoia. At much higher levels people "Robotrip", but that's at crazy high levels and people die from doing that and stuff, so one should not use too much or very often I think. Since starting the Tramadol XR I haven't taken the dextromethorphan at all, so that says a lot for the Tramadol XR's effectiveness.

In the past I was prescribed Tramadol - not XR, and it didn't last long enough for me to feel like it was helping with my daily functioning....but I'm really happy with taking the XR twice a day - it's supposed to last 24 hours, but this way I don't have as much break through pain when it starts to wear off.
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Most indian pharmacists do ask for prescriptions. You could however take a photocopy of a prescription and ask for it for somebody traveling from India (bound to be somebody).. they should be able to get it. Let me know if you cant get it, and i'll call up/mail the India firms and see if theres a way they can ship/get it to you.
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Dr Reddys has launched Memanta (same med above) in US

Should be less expensive than the usual overinflated prices.
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Originally Posted by Eight View Post
So now both of my feet have a strange crawling sensation, from the inside! It is strange.
Why would your feet have anything to do with thoracic outlet syndrome?
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