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TOS experts in France or Europe ?

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Question TOS experts in France or Europe ?

Hi everybody,

I'm coming on this board since I'am a 45 years old frenchman and i think I may i have TOS.

In a nutshell, after roughly 15 years of weightlifting ( this said light weights at low level), i got a mild diffuse pain in my shoulder, and especially the posterior part of it, since 2017.

Moreover, since last february 2019, i got a dull diffuse ache in my neck, trapezius with from time to time some minor ache in my 4th and 5t finger.

To be clearer, i want to make a kind of chronological summary of my journey wich is the following and began in january 2017:

So, after being diagnostized with mild impingement/arthritis in january 2017, I went through physio's rehab for several months up to september 2017.
A this point, I had an improvement since, even i could not resume weightlifing, i was able to resume swimming (breaststroke) and to do some isometrics exercice for upper body and shoulder.

The problem is that at summer 2018, i changed my hometown for work and therefore i stopped swimming since swimming pools were far away from my new location. In parallel, i consulted a sport's physician who told me to stop isometrics exercice and to replace them with stretching and self-massaging my trigger points.

Until then, it was the beginning of a slow aggravation that seem to coincide with the end of regular swimming and isometric exercices.

So in october 2018, i went through MRI and was diagnostised from mild bursitis by another physician. Up to now, i did a lot of home rehab, trying to reproduce the exercices (lot of external rotation with band, shoulder squeeze back and down etc...) and stretches i've done with physio in 2017.

Finally, since last february and an appointment with a chiro, i have symptoms in my neck, trapezius (great tightness, sometimes pain/dull ache on side of my neck that could attain my skull's basis) and in my hand (sometimes ache in my 4th and 5th).

I want to add that i went through an new shoulder's MRI that doesn't show a dramatic situation of my shoulder (juste a mild impingement but no tears at all). Also, a new physician i consulted told me i may have TOS.

He told me to resume physio's rehab with a program based on mild cervical tractions, scapula's massages and some manual work to "unblock" the first rib.
Up to now, i went through 6 sessions without obvious improvement.

So first of all, from what i have written, do you think i may have TOS ?

Secondly, do you think this kind of physio's rehab (mild cervical tractions, scapula's massages, manual work on 1st rib) could help me to cure TOS, if it is TOS ?

Thirdly, do you know some top notch physician, chiro or physio in France, Belgium, Switzerland or another european country, that are really aware of TOS treatment and management ?

I greatly thank you in advance for your thoughts and help. I also apologize for my mistakes in english.

God bless you and i wish you a lot of courage in your TOS journey.
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You may check some of the stickies as far as doctors located in your area..

A couple questions for you.

1. Do you have a forward head posture?

2. Do you have rounded shoulders?

3. How is your shoulder blade mobility? Many TOS'rs have shoulder instability/winging scapula (can be minor winging, that may not be noticeable).

From what you wrote your symptoms sound like possible TOS.

Scapular retraction exercises will help, but the most common site of compression is usually in the scalenes or the pec minor. Dare I say that compression between the collarbone and rib is less common and these cases are probably more severe. The good news is that if it is soft tissue compression I would say that the chance for a recovery without surgery is much more possible. Lifestyle changes need to take place, better postural habits, better breathing habits (belly breathing), stress reduction is also key. Anything that over taxes the scalenes or pec minor can cause compression.

For self care;

Get a hard ball, like a racquet ball or lacrosse ball and look up videos on how to self release tight muscles. Once muscles are released, you need to work out the opposing muscle groups while holding good posture to retrain your nervous system to hold that posture in your daily life. Stretching is often BAD for TOS. If you continually stretch hypertonic muscles like the scalenes they can either pull up on the rib, or if they do actually loosen they can get even tighter when they go back.

Muscles tighten for a reason, the reason varies. Normally it is some kind of compensation that is going on in your body. It is up to you and your doctor's/pt to understand where the issue lies. Listen to your body, stay active, don't give up.

I wish you luck!
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Check out Kjetil Larsen in Norway. He has a website : **

He has patients from many countries. He also has videos on YouTube. I am going to him now. He is giving me advice that totally contradicts what other physical therapists have given me. He is the forest one to manually go in and fix my posture and give me posture advice because if depressed/droopy shoulders. Check him out😃

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Rob Patterson at the Cherington Practice (TOS Centre of Excellence) in England is great. And it's just down the road from France. He has organised for me to have surgery after 5 years of suffering with TOS. Give him a call.
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