Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/Brachial Plexopathy. In Memory Of DeAnne Marie.

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Default recurrent TOS 9 years post op and after another rear end accident

TOS decompression surgeries without rib resection on the left in 2012 and right in 2013. Had to wait between surgeries due to temporary paralysis of the left phrenic nerve. Recovered from both surgeries well and had no problems. Got rear-ended again in August of 2019. Had some spinal issues. Treated with PRP at three facet joints on the right and had ablations at C34 and C45 on the left. Spinal part of neck is better, more stable and range of motion is good for my neck. In the past six or seven months, I can feel TOS issues coming back. Hands and arms fatigue easily, I can't hold my phone to my ear, hold a book, stir a pot on the stove, type, dry my hair, etc. for more than just a short time. Fatigue, pain and numbness set in. An EMG shows slow velocities in the medial and ulnar nerves in both hands. Had nerve blocks today in three muscles on each side, the posterior scalenes, the pec minors and I can't remember the other muscle.. Anyway, ALL of my symptoms went away.

I was previously scheduled for four sessions of hydrodissection to separate scar tissue from nerves, assuming my issue was scar tissue from previous surgeries. I find that hard to believe when those surgeries were eight and nine years ago. My physiatrist wants me to keep those appointments. He also wants to try Botox in the six muscles he did nerve blocks in today. I had several Botox injections prior to my first TODS surgeries. They worked for a short time and then I became immune to the toxin.

My feeling right now is that this is all a repeat of the TOS issues I had back in 2012. I will do all of these temporary things that may give me some short term relief, but in the end, I will need surgery.

Has anyone had their posterior scalenes removed? Since I did not have rib resections before, would doing that now, be a solution? Is anyone familiar with TODS surgeons in Seattle? The doctor who did mine retired.

Looking for anyone who may be experiencing recurrent TOS.

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