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Painful Tics...Anybody Else?

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Default Painful Tics...Anybody Else?

So, I've always had head jerking tics and tics where I tense muscles in different parts of my body a lot. This weekend has been a terrible mixture of the two and I'm not really sure how to explain it all. I've been sore from ticcing for a long time before, but the only tics that have actually been painful themselves are hitting tics where I hit my legs or my shoulders. The other day I started jerking my head. Then tensing neck muscles was added to it. Now, I have this horrible mixture of jerking and tensing and twisting my neck and it is causing me quite a bit of pain. My neck is really sore and I now have a big knot/lump on the back and at the base of my neck. I don't know if it is muscle knotted up there or what. When I jerk/tense/twist my neck I can feel it popping and feel what can only be described as a grinding feeling in my neck. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before? I am debating whether or not I want to go to work tonight because I am so sore and so exhausted physically and mentally from a weekend full of this. If anyone has experienced this before and can give me some advice or ideas on how to relieve the pain and soreness, I would greatly appreciate it.

I take that back...
I have had tics like this before. I had tics like this when I was first diagnosed a few years ago. It's got me kind of anxious and worried because at that time, I got so bad that I couldn't drive or work at all for months at a time and I ended up going to the ER three times one weekend because I was in so much pain and we didn't know that I had Tourette's or that it was tics at that time.

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Lara (06-09-2014)
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Hi Jasmine,
Long time no see.

I'm really sorry you're having a difficult time at the moment.

If you're jerking and cracking your neck a lot then you could try wearing a soft neck collar that's not too tight. I have heard of it helping some people, but then again in others they find it irritating and makes it worse.

Have you tried soaking in a bath with some epsom salts?

Sounds as if you need a massage to help ease the immediate tension and pain.

All these things might just be a temporary fix if your tics are changing and waxing, but the more you hurt it's possible the more you'll tic because of the irritation.

Feel better fast!
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Hi Lara!
It has been a long time. I have been so busy with work and wedding planning that I've just not been online much at all.

I made Jacob (my fiancι) give me a massage yesterday. It was good while it lasted, but pretty soon I was back at it. I'm not much of a collar wearer. High collars irritate me. I think it's part of my sensory hypersensitivity. It definitely would make things worse. I'm going to try a heating pad on it after while.

I was considering emailing my doctor and asking her for suggestions, but recalling that she has never been helpful when I've asked her before, I decided that was probably a waste. I still may send her a quick message with an update anyway.

I have started wearing fake nails all the time, and that has actually helped sensory-wise. I can't handle my real nails rubbing any type of fabric. Scratching my own skin with my nails is usually fine, but say I try to scratch someone else's back for them, it just makes me cringe after a minute. I have also found that wearing sunglasses at all times when driving during the day helps a lot. My eyes are so sensitive to the sun, which is really aggravating when driving. The problem is I am bad about taking my sunglasses off at other people's houses and just losing the in general, so I've probably bought 5 pair of sunglasses in the last 6 months. I typically only buy $5 sunglasses from Walmart. One day I'll end up with 10 pair of sunglasses because everyone will be finding them at their houses and returning them to me. Lol.

There are a lot of things that I have just dreaded doing lately around the house because of my OCD. I have gotten to the point where I just don't want to do things because I'm so tired of having to do it a certain way. I don't mind the actual task at hand, it's the fact that I am so exhausted by the constant running in my head and trying to make sure I'm doing everything just right or checking afterwards to make sure I did it a certain way. Even though I hate that it's not done, like dishes being dirty or laundry not being done or the floors not swept and mopped, I kind of feel like I'd rather not do it at all than go through the extra work. But then I feel so lazy and my house is a mess and I can't stand it.

The life we live is a rollercoaster, and even more so with TS and all that comes along with it.
I hope everyone is doing well.
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Lara (06-11-2014)
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Hi Jasmine

NUCCA chiropracty can really help with the pain from neck etc tics
They do very gentle adjustment. www.nucca.org

Have you ever tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the OCD?



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Lara (06-13-2014)
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Frown Yes, I have.

I recently have developed a teeth gnashing tic
Not more than a few weeks ago. It's a random tic. It's a means nor irritation.
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