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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

Should I follow up?

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Default Should I follow up?

Thanks for reading--I am new here and have been looking on the internet all afternoon for answers. My dh and I were in a serious car accident 3/31. He was in intensive care for a week. The other car "t-boned" us and hit him directly. I was driving and I don't remember a single bit of it--no crash, no sirens, no ambulance, nothing. We were taken in separate ambulances to the nearest trauma center and I don't remember the ride. My clothes were cut off me, but I don't remember that either. Anyway, I was sent home from the ER a few hours after we were brought in. No one has ever spoken to me about the concussion--I just know that I have absolutely no recollection of the accident and woke up in the CT scanner at the hospital. Once home, I spent several days throwing up and on pain killers, unable to walk or keep my balance--but that is all I can remember about those days.

Now, over three months later, I am totally fine for the most part but behaving a little oddly. I seem to be in some kind of haze--I constantly feel like I just woke up and can't clear my head. I have had a slight headache that sometimes grows into a painful one, and i get dizzy at times and have persistent tinnitus--but I have had problems with dizziness in the past, before the accident. The most bizarre episode was at Starbucks--I nearly bit the server's head off when she couldn't understand my order. Not like me!! I have successfully raised five kids and have four grandkids--I have learned patience! And the most debilitating things are my lack of motivation and the presence of fatigue.

From what I read this afternoon, I may have postconcussion syndrome. One more thing--the CT scan revealed a pocket of fluid near my right ear (the side where I had a black bruise on my head after the accident) but I was so focused on helping my dh get back on his feet that I never saw a doctor--so does this mean I can wait and get better or that I need to see someone? It's been three months since the accident, so I don't see how a doctor could help.
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Mark in Idaho
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Sorry to hear of your struggles.

The first thing you should do is look at a web site called http://tbilaw.com/

You need to be very careful about doctors. If one puts the wrong diagnosis or other misguided comment in your medical record, it can hurt your long term financial condition.

Next, you need to read up on Post Concussion Syndrome. There is a very good TBI Survial Guide written by Dr Glen Johnson. It has a bad link so you have to post your email address so I can send you a copy of it as an attachment. Use "AT" instead of @ to avoid email collecting bots. I will reply right away. You can edit you email address as soon as I send the file.

The behavioral explosion is common. Dr Johnson will address it. I need to be quick to turn and walk away from confrontation or other stresses or I will explode too.

Regarding Starbucks, you should limit your caffeine intake to one serving a day. It is counter to your brain recovering.

You probably should be seen by a doctor but you need to find a specialist who understands mTBI. (mild Traumatic Brain Injury) Your post traumatic amnesia (PTA) is an indicator of a serious insult to your brain. A good way to find someone who understands mTBI is to contact a Rehab Hospital/Clinic. Ask for a referral to a neurologist who understands concussions.

UNC Chapel Hill has some good people. There are others but you do not mention your local area.

You might consider getting a neuro-psychological assessment. But,,, Not until you have read TBI Law and been given good counsel. The wrong Neuro-psych can be a disaster.

At you age, recover is much more of a struggle. Grandparents' brain do not heal well compar3ed to younger brains. Been there, doing that.

Let us know how you are doing.

There is plenty of help and others in the same predicament.

I almost forgot. At your age, you are likely low on progesterone. It is helpful for brain healing. You likely need more progesterone. It is applied as a skin cream. I am not talking about brand name synthetic "progesterone like" hormones. Use bio-identical progesterone. Google progesterone and brain injury and you should find some good information. Womens International Pharmacy is a good source. http://www.womensinternational.com/ They even have a form for finding a good doctor in your area. It can help with your behavioral issues too. My wife uses it and I got my bride back when she started it.

My best to you.
Mark in Idaho

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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Default Which state in the Southeast?

Hello and welcome,
Sorry to hear of your struggles, with which we can all here relate very well.

I am located on the Gulf Coast South (and in a state seemingly without any competent MTBI/Closed Head Injury healthcare competency, knowledgeability or care, so far as I have found in nearly two years now post-injury.)

I've researched a great deal of nearby states and perhaps I may share of what I've found in your area, if that might be of help to you. You can private message me if you like.

Theta Z.

50s Babyboomer; 2008 high-impact rear-ended/totalled-MVC, closed-head injury->pcs ... "Still dealing with it."
1993, Fell on black ice; first closed-head injury; life-altering. // 2014 Now dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy, tremors, shakiness, vestibular disorder, akithesia, anhedonia, yada yada, likely thanks to rx meds // 2014: uprooted to the cold wet gray NW coast, trying to find a way back home ... where it's blue sky and warm!

__________________________________________________ _________
Each and every day I am better and better. I affirm and give thanks that it is so. // 2014-This was still true for me last year, I truly felt this a year ago. Unfortunately it holds no meaning for me now. Odd, it was the Theta mantra for years. Change change change.
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Default See a Neuro

Dear Poster,
I am sorry to hear of your struggle.
I would definitely see a neurologist. Don't just go to any doc, make sure and find a really good one. Also before you go write everything down in outline form so that you can either use it to prompt you when talking to him or he can just read it. Also make sure that you have your CT scan sent over (not the report but the actual images).

So far it isn't helping, but that was just a week ago and I have been very irregular since then, so I shall see next week.

Anyways, if you had fluid in your brain you really need that checked out.
Also, a neurologist can give you a good idea of how long and how best to deal with the wait.
The not knowing is what really killed me. I saw 8 docs in all had 2 CTs soon to be 2 MRIs. I have tried all sorts of different diets and over the counter meds and exercise regimens. The only one that has brought me a little peace is the neurologist.

See a neurologist do the tests he says and it will give you a lot of peace. At least you will know rather than spend a year and a half waiting in pain and in the unknown.

Good luck!
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