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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

Vitamin and Supplements Regimen

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Default Vitamin B-6

Are there any guidelines about the safe doses of Vitamin B-6? I am a bit confused: some of you mentioned taking 50mg or 100mg daily, and many products offer high doses (I was for instance considering this supplement: Daily Essential Nutrients - A Natural Alternative For Mood Disorders, which would provide 66mg per day), but in my home country the official recommendation is to avoid exceeding 5mg per day because of the potential neurotoxicity.

Is it sensible to take B-12 and B-6 separately, in order to get a high dose of B-12 and a low of B-6? Or is the balance important?
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Mark in Idaho
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B-6 at 5 mgs per day is OK. It is the B-12 that is more important. Folate (folic acid) is also important. Getting the whole range of Bs with low dose B-6 is a challenge. That is why I suggest a B-50 Complex plus B-12.

100 mgs of B-6 daily is considered the very lowest range for toxicity with B-6 not usually a problem until 1000 mgs per day is taken.

That Daily Essential Nutrients is killer expensive at $1.50 US per daily dose (4 capsules each day). It only has 23 mgs of B-6 in a daily dose of 4 capsules.
Mark in Idaho

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Thank you, Mark.

Actually, the Daily Essential Nutrients is even more expensive than you think since the recommended dose is 4 capsules 3 times per day, which amounts to $4.50 daily (and 69mgs of Vitamin B-6 daily).
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Very confused on the vitamins. My son is 14 months in from his TBI and 4 craniotomies. I bought the Mega mens, D3, N12, B50, C, E, to start but now read it can cause diarea?
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Mark in Idaho
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Where did you read about diarrhea from vitamins?

High dose vitamin C can cause diarrhea but that is usually 4 to 6 grams, 4000 to 6000 mgs or more, per day. 1000 mgs a day or even twice a day should not be a problem.

This is referred to as bowel tolerance. If the bowels get loose, one just reduces the dose.

The regimen should not cause diarrhea.

Magnesium oxide is a laxative for some. The other forms of magnesium are better.

I get mine from VitaCost.com. Just placed an order. Start an account and get on the emailing list and they will notify you of discounts. Start an order but leave it uncompleted over-night and they will email you a code for a 10% discount to finish ordering. The only thing I do not get from VitaCost is Vit E and NSAIDS. Walgreens has good values for those.
Mark in Idaho

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Default Leaky Gut Brain Damage Connection

My mini bio
I was a college dropout, I got a job at a factory.
I hit my head on long 12 inch metal spikes that hung down from the ceiling in the walkin freezer. I woke up on the floor, no one around. I could barely walk,talk,think. Everybody asked me what was wrong? I couldn't remember exactly. I went home, then next morning I couldn't stand for a few hours, everything seemed to move three feet to right on me.

I phoned a local medical organization and asked for a family doctor.
They assigned me an ear,nose and throat doctor ENT. (I have since been told by College of Physicians that he could NOT diagnose a head injury stroke, it wasn't his fault)

The ENT looked in my ear and insisted my problem was ear infection.(I never even mentioned my ears, I had no ear pain or discharge)
I was in such a daze I simply couldn't think straight. I assumed the doctor was right. For almost five months I went exactly every 7 days to this doctor. He would have kept me going back every 7 days forever, but my brother said to ask for specialist.

I was sent to eye specialist then ear specialist, but no problem was found. So they concluded I must have psychiatric problems.

The factory was forced to lay me off, since I could not function.
I didn't understand why I was dizzy 24 hours a day 7 days a week permanently now. I and other family members assumed I was just mentally lazy and now stupid. I could no longer do simple math or read and lost 75 percent of my abilities. I also coincidently had severe digestion, metabolisim problems, running fever,weak immune system, unable to keep muscle on my body.

Out of neccesity I created workbooks of drills. Drills for reading comprehension,math, writing, reading out loud. Four hours every night for seven years. I relearned some things but have never got back most of what I lost. Not to mention severe immune system weakness and damaged digestive system, autoimmune disorders.

Autoimmune disorders are mostly,mostly misdiagnosed as depression. But depression is merely a symptom of autoimmune disease. Why? basically I believe for two reasons one it generally weakens the immune system, the other is that the Gut and digestion system are linked to the brain. Affect one and you affect the other.

20 years later I was working part time as cleaner in Hospital. I started to describe my medical history to a nurse. Immediately she asked"did you talk and walk like a drunk?" I said "yes". Did you hit your head at any time? I said "yes, how did you know that?" She goes"you just described a stroke and probably brain damage" I found another nurse, then another, then another, eight nurses all said the same thing. I said"you mean to tell me, it wasn't an ear infection?" Then they said"what kind of doctor would say that?"

I kind of had a mental breakdown and went into state of shock and deep depression.

I started to go to psychiatric therapy. I was in and out from there for about
5 years with many sessions. I tried 17 different anti depressants but ended
up in emergency 35 times? They almost literally killed me.
The psychiatrists couldn't understand how someone taking only
1/4 of the smallest pill could react like I had taken 100 times
the dosage? I've had maybe 1000 autoimmune flareups over the last 30
years(which almost killed me). But according to a rheumatologist and
two G.P.'s high fever and arthritis are merely sypmptoms of depression?
The autoimmune flareups seemed to almost kill me each time.

I submitted that I had a metabolisim problem that magnified the negative
of affects of medication and unless that gets addressed first that I could not
take meds. The psychiatrists literally laughed.
I said I believe there are thousands of causes of depression, like there
are thousands of bricks in a wall. I said I believe my problem is
partly due to a physiological problem. The doctors disagreed.


25 years ago I convinced a doctor to give me protein metabolisim test.
Since I couldn't keep any muscle on my body and my digestion and immune
system was so bad. The doctor got the results and literally said "its
impossible, no one has results this bad, you'd be really really sick
if this was true, just ignore the test results and pretend you
never took this test and go home" So I did.

Thru trial and error and neccessity I experimented and tried various
supplements and herbs and nutrition. I couldn't understand how my
head injury resulted in severe digestion and bowel problems.

I found various herbs and supplements and foods to help a lot.
I shared this information with countless doctors, neurologists,
directors of brain damage support groups etc etc. They all
said "its all theoretical" I disagreed.

18 years ago, I discovered NAG, which forces the
Gut to secrete mucous, temporarily alleviating Leaky Gut or
perforated bowels. It not only boosted my immune system but
for some reason boosted my Cognitive abilities!!! Why would something
that prevents leaky gut also have a major cognitive boost? I looked
it up on the internet but found nothing.

I later tried Carnosine, which affects the bowels as an antinflamatory
but also the brain. Its a wonder supplement.

Currently I take Glucosamine(cheaper than NAG) and Natto.
I cannot afford Carnosine, but its a super duper wonder cure!
I found a dollar store that sells a multimineral supplement that
contains zinc plus copper(since you need both)
I take Zinc 3 times a day now and it also helps leaky gut a lot!
I also take about 8000mg astragalus(most powerful immune booster)

Could not substances like glucosamine or NAG combined
with Carnosine/zince/copper be used to treat other Cognitive problems?
Like Autoimmune diseases? Autisim, Brain Damage, Encephalitis, Turrettes syndrome etc etc???

Curiously a few months ago I discovered this article. This person seems to have learned many things I also was discovering?

Brain Injury Rehabilitation through Nutrition and Supplementation - Learn how to Feed a Brain!
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*** I forgot to mention. Since some brain injury has leaky gut syndrome,
I've personally noticed my metabolisim results in either poor or hyper

For instance medications I usually cannot take, its like I've taken 100 times
more than normal.

Also my multimineral supplement contains iodine. Iodine has a cognitive
affect which is good but for me and my leaky gut, after taking 1100mcg
for a couple of weeks I get Hyper Hyper anxiety!!!!

I noticed a lot of people talking about B6.

30 years ago I tried taking it,well the 3 different types of B6 that were available.
Because of my leaky gut I believe had I had strange reactions. I tried several other
companies, no additives etc, all same reaction.

My arms felt like the nerves in them were becoming petrified or solid.
This shouldn't happen to most people, except I believe it was my leaky gut resulting
in strange absorption.

Many strange absorption affects from many substances, Ginkgo resulted in muscles spams in my eyes and everything tasted like salt.

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Default Link between increased B6 & B12 with lung cancer in male smokers

If you're a smoker, you might want to be aware of this (and stop smoking!). The following link is to a summary of a large scale study that examined long term high dose of B6 and B12. It's an observational study. By nature, the study can't conclude that long term high dose of B6 and B12 promotes lung cancer. However, it certainly suggests that male smokers have a significantly greater chance of getting lung cancer if they supplement with higher B6 and B12 long term. The study does NOT conclude that non smoker males have a higher risk of cancer.

The main point of my post is that - if you smoke - and supplement with extra B6 and B12, observational study indicates you're at increased risk of getting lung cancer. I imagine most people here don't, but if you do, then here's another reason to quit.

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After 5 months recovery and some research I thought it may be good to get some feedback on the supplements Im taking and suggestions for anything additional that people have found to have a positive effect to their recovery.

My symptoms are a general feeling of disconnection from that doesnt interfere with cognitive ability which I have associated with brain fog or depersonalisation. An EEG scan showed slowing in the left anterior regions of theta waves - not sure if this is something that can be improved with supplements or if its something I will live with and is what is causing the feeling of disconnection.

My current routine is:
  • 1,000mg of DHA (fish oil) per day taken in 3 pills over the day, 1 per meal.
  • B50-Complex:
    - B1 - 50mg
    - B2 - 30mg
    - B3 - 100mg
    - B5 - 50mg
    - B6 - 50mg
    - B12 - 50mcg
    - C - 100mg
    - Folic Acid - 300mcg
    - Biotin - 50mcg
    - Choline Bitartrate - 50mcg
    - Inositol - 50mcg
  • Activated Methyl B12 (mecobalamin), 1,000mcgs. This replaces the B12 (cyanocobalamin) I was taking which were swallowed.
  • A standard multi-vitamin.

Supplements I'd like to know more about:
  • CBD - recently read this in a couple of places for improving various aspects of concentration and thinking.
  • Phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) - involvement in neurotransmission.
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Mark in Idaho
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Lecithin is worthwhile. The phosphatidylcholine has a lot of online hype and is expensive. Taking lecithin to support normal production of phosphatidylcholine would be more my objective.
Curcumin in a concentrated extract form with black pepper extract (Bioperine) is also good. Most curcumin is low dose because it is unconcentrated turmeric. Vitacost has a good concentrated curcumin in their house brand.

CBD is questionable. It offers a lot of promise but is not a cure-all that many claim. The researched therapeutic dose is quite high, $30 a day or more.

I would love to have an opportunity to try it. It is just so expensive and illegal in Idaho.
Mark in Idaho

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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