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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

Anyone else experience this?

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Default Anyone else experience this?

Hey guys I was thinking back to the summer of 2017 and I remember a detail that I have yet to find an answer for or even anyone who has experienced the same thing. Basically anytime I would get some kind of impact or bump to my head, no matter how incredibly small and insignificant, I would get an instantaneous and unique 'sick' and slightly nauseous feeling sort of similar to like when you have a cold or something(the feeling is hard to describe but just kind of feeling sick and like 'a nice nap sounds good right about now') that would last for a little while and then go away like nothing happened, either after an hour or so or at most the next day.

I know some would be inclined to say that I could have been causing myself further brain trauma/concussions and while it is true that this feeling would occur after somewhat significant impacts like having a basketball bop off my head after dunking it through the basket, it would also occur after the most insignificant impacts like slight bumps no where near concussive force and even things like after barely grazing my head when getting out of a bus (so small I barely even felt it). Also I would receive no other concussion indicators whatsoever (no ear ringing,no seeing stars,no bell rung, no 'shaking off cobwebs', no dizziness), it would be like nothing happened and I would continue whatever I was doing without skipping a beat but I would be accompanied by this sick feeling that seemed to go away after taking a nap or sometimes eating something.

Also I should mention that this sick feeling would be something I would experience if I pushed myself a little too much within the first couple months of my initial diagnosed concussion towards the mid/end of 2016 so could it just be that I was simply triggering my pcs symptoms? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Also I was thinking about this last night, how fragile are we really? Ive seen some online doctors who've said once you've had a serious concussion or two its incredibly easy to cause yourself more concussive damage. However on the other hand, my in real life doctors and the people on this site have said that it still takes a considerable impacts force (upwards of 60 gs?) to cause further actual damage and if you did receive a damaging blow, its something you would know immediately due to the indicators I mentioned above. I think common sense would back this up also given that I feel like the vast majority of people suffer concussions, recover in a couple of weeks to a month, and then go back to their normal lives like nothing happened, they have no experience at all with this 'sensitivity' that so many of us seem to experience. This has definitely been the case for all of my athlete friends who have almost all suffered one or more concussions in their sports.

What do you guys think about all this?

Also I should mention that I just received my final grades for last college semester and I managed to pass every class I took. Just goes to show that it is possible to be productive even with pcs and none of you guys should give up on yourselves. Some of the stuff involved in school life like taking the bumpy bus or metro to school, lots of walking, aggressive social contact (you know how girlfriends and teenage boys can be kinda rough) and a bunch of other things were really hard in the beginning and caused me issues but as the semester went on they became more and more tolerable. All this to say I think its good for some of us, especially those who have concussion related anxiety, to get out there and test ourselves. Like if your deathly afraid of bumps and jolts because you think they may cause you harm, then you need to expose yourself to those things you worry about so you can realize they are no big deal and eventually your tolerance to them will be built up and you can face them without being affected at all. This is something I have learned and have been working on in cognitive behavioural therapy.
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Hey Ben,

Just wanted to let you know that you're definitely not the only one who experiences this. Pretty much every time I hit my head (no matter how hard or soft) I get a more intense headache thab usual and start feeling dizzy and a little nauseous. The headache I get after small bumps is also similar to what I get when I push myself too hard in exercise. This usually takes a few days at least to go away. I'm not sure how much of this is a physical response/hypersensitivity and how much is emotional/anxiety. I feel like since I expect it to happen, it makes it worse.

Do you/did you find cognitive behavior therapy to be helpful? Also do you have any strategies for calming yourself down after getting hit? I have a tendency to panic about these small bumps.

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