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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

posts on hope and healing

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Mark in Idaho
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Jays Mom,

Welcome to NeuroTalk. Sorry to hear about your son. I know many here in Idaho with similar situations. We meet at a Brain Injury Support Group. It has a caregivers group that helps caregivers connect with others for help and shared resources. Many had to relearn it all.

I suggest you check the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington .

They can help you with resources.

Feel free to start a thread in the main area if you have questions.

My best to you.
Mark in Idaho

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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Default Post Concussion Syndrome

Car accident 8/17/15

Just a quick post:

It does, and it will get better. Right now you're suffering, googling every symptom, life is LITERAL hell.

It will get better, you may not get back to 100% but you'll just have to deal.

Almost 2 years later I still have persistent vertigo, especially when exercising but I just have to deal, and so will you. This will make you stronger and maybe re-evaluate certain aspects of your life. Try to find your silver lining.
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Laura G (07-19-2017)
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I recovered fully from a very serious brain injury. I am reading a lot if articles on it and putting 2 and 2 together. I have a bs in biology and chemistry so I know a lot of things. I'm thinking that my brain injury was not mild at all but very severe after I smashed my head and face and body on the tIke floor. I was all bruised up all over the place. A week later both my ears plugged in and Mt brain and nervous system shut down so badly that my 5 senses were so dimished. My brain did not process pepole places and objects. For 10.5 years I was so severely I'll no medications were worked and I was labeled because nothing showed up on the scans at all. A nurse put the cross on me in the hospital and I started to feel better within 3.5 to 5 weeks. The medications did not do anything at all. A higher power saved my life.
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DannyT (07-20-2017), Laura G (07-19-2017)
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Close to 5 months and almost fully recovered. Only some mild tinnitus left which is getting better with physio. Although much discussed in this forum, realise that pcs is often a physical soft tissue injury. Neck and jaw injuries can give neurological symptoms. For ex. Nauseau can be a result of a jaw injury because the 7th cranial nerve runs through your jaw which controls digestion. A lot of symtpoms that can come from the brain can also come from these areas. So it's worth a while to get an examination by a physio, chiro or osteopath.

For the people who have tinnitus and believe this is a completly untreatable condition, think again. Tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying injury/dissease and if the injury is treatable so is the tinnitus. Yes some forms of it can't be treated but other forms can. Even in concussions it can have different etiologies. Vitamin b or zinc deficiencies can be the culprit. If the sound matches your heartbeat then its probably cardiovascular and you can go to a cardiologist. Hearing loss is much more difficult to adress but hbot and steroid injections have the potential to reverse it if done fast (but unfortunatly no guarantees). If you have pressure in your ears this stems from a eustachian tube disfunction which can be caused by either mucus or muscles spams in jaw or neck. If it's medicine related then only time can give an answer on weither it will heal or not.

In my case it was purely from muscle spams. Most typical feature with this kind of tinnitus is that the sounds vary with certain head and jaw movements or flexing certain muscles. And it went from continiously very loud to mild within a month of physio. It also takes a lot of discipline (home excersises, stretches, postural correction). This counts for other neck symptoms as well. So it's all about finding the cause and thus identifying the right treatment for your symptoms.

The healing process is mostly up to you. When my concussion was still there after 2 months i started panicking and ran from doctor to doctor. All doctors had the same conclusion. First time is the biggest healer. Second it's all up to you. If you keep panicking and wanting treatment from every doctor then you'll most likely heal worse because the stress will wear out your body. So try to relax and don't think of i have symptoms xyz all the time. Try to continue normal life within the boundaries of what you can. And be patience with treatment. I've seen a lot of fellow pcsers quit treatment after 4-5 sessions because they don't see the results they want. After a few physio sessions i was starting to think the same. But after month the tinnitus suddenly dropped and stayed thay way. So give everything time.

My best of luck to eveyone. And don't be afraid to go out and go for a walk! Find out what you can do without making symptoms worse and do it!
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Vania (12-25-2017)
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Originally Posted by lilyNYC View Post
After 4 months off of work, (3 months after the initial accident, I didn't know what was going on until I saw the 3rd neurologist who explained PCS to me), months of vestibular rehabilitation therapy, and hours of my life wasted crying and being frustrated, I can say that I feel a lot better. I'd say at this point in time I'm about 90% better.

You just need to let it run it's course and make your health a priority. That's it.

The light sensitivity and noise sensitivity persists, however I am not ridden with fear every time that I need to leave the house. Would more time off from work and an immediate leave of absence been helpful? Absolutely, but do what you can. Rest as much as possible and you'll get better.

One of the most helpful things to do: when the dizziness was severe and I had a hard time watching Netflix - play it in the background but focus on something like knitting, it has a very therapeutic effect.

Good luck to everybody and I'm sorry that you're experiencing symptoms of PCS.
Hi I'm glad to see that your doing well now..im 5 weeks with post concussion syndrome now and I feel better than the first two weeks of symptoms all my symptoms had ease only the head ache persist when I do activities comes up..i have I will recover the same time as you did

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Originally Posted by djoseydavis View Post
On July 11, 2011 my Husband (22 yrs old) of only 7 months suffered a Severe traumatic Brain Injury as a result of a motorcycle accident that was not his fault. Along with multiple severe fractures he was diagnosed with Severe Diffuse Axonal Injury, which is shearing, tearing, swelling, to the entire brain. The Severe label means his mid brain has been damaged. 90% of people with this injury never wake up and the 10% that do cannot communicate, understanding, or perform any independent life activities. Less than 5% of people regain any type of independence. We were told to remove him from life support after 9 days in ICU. I didn't and it took him 3 months in a coma to start emerging! Now, 11 months since his accident, and only 8 months out of a 3 month coma Matthew will be walking independently any day now! He can talk, eat, pee, laugh, joke, REMEMBER THE ACCIDENT, remember all his long term memories, and his short term memories have been coming back everyday, he tells time, watches movies, plays games, is a romantic, writes in his journal, and texts on his phone. His personality has not changed at all!!! For something that started with so much despair I cannot help but feel eternally grateful. Matthew is a true miracle, science said it is impossible, that he should not be doing any of this. THERE IS HOPE! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! DO NOT GIVE UP! It has been and will continue to be a long road but it is worth taking. *edit*

My dad has a Diffuse Axonal Injury too. He is 6 months out from his accident and he is going though pretty intense agitation and aggression. Did your husband go through this? We are going on 2 months of waiting for him to get through this phase. It’s incredibly difficult! I am so happy that your husband has made such great progress and recovery!
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Mark in Idaho
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Welcome to NeuroTalk.

Please start a thread in the main forum below where you can ask your questions. The stickies are not for discussions. djoseydavis has not posted in over 5 years.
Mark in Idaho

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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Different, but still whole: A young scientist reflects on his journey back from a brain injury | Life | Dallas News

This is my story.

I haven't been on neurotalk in years, because I found it did more harm than good for me in fueling my anxiety. Even after years away I still had a pang of anxiety logging in.

Anyway, I'll be logging off forever after this, but I wanted to share my story, because I think it shows we can improve and rebuild a life.

You can get better too.
26 year-old PhD student in evolutionary biology, slipped on ice in Feb 2014 while clipping my fingernails and walking to save time (dumbest reason for PCS ever?). Initially just had headaches and didn't feel quite right, but a minor head bump 5 days later started a downward spiral of anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue. Had trouble concentrating on reading/looking at screens

April 2014 - did exertion test, passed, started exercising and doing more, but didn't feel much better.

May 2014 - Went on backpacking trip OK'd by doctor, trip itself went fine, but felt worse a few days after getting back, more difficulty concentrating, worse headaches.

June 2014 - Bumped head on ceiling walking slowly down stairs, no immediate symptoms, but caused worsening headahces, more difficulty concentrating and looking at screens. Have not felt as good as I did before this since this bump.

December 2014 - after feeling relatively better I went xc skiing and fell but didn't hit my head (something my psychologist who specializes in brain injuries told me he hoped would happen so I saw it was OK), felt worse

Feb 2015 - back in grad school, light teaching load and some research, nowhere close to operating at my full capacity. Still have constant headaches, difficulty reading/looking at screens, mild anxiety and depression, and just not feeling like my normal sharp self.

Trying, but struggling, to believe that I'll get back to my old self, or at least get close.
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