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Strange facial sensation on left side

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Your pain does sound so similar to mine. I'm so sorry that you have had so much dental work done unnecessarily. And are in so much pain. I am still convinced sometimes that it must be my teeth. There are times I wish I could pull them out myself!!
This has been such a frightening experience. Even when I am not in pain I am always waiting for it to come back. It's exhausting and really has a negative effect on my overall mental state. I am terribly distracted by the pain most of the time and it is easy to fall into depression and anxiety.
I have never tried to take Valium? What side effects does that give you? What other meds are you trying? Are you still in pain?
I thankfully don't get migraines with my pain but I know that a lot of people do. I hope you are finding some relief
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Default pain replaced with sensations

Anybody experience crawling, scale-like, toothpick, sensations inside mouth following gamma knife procedure. No pain now, but sensations are driving me crazy!
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Vowel Lady (12-11-2013)
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My Mood: Strange facial sensation on left side

I'm so sorry. Horrible!
Our stories are somewhat similar.
I have many losses, including a pulled tooth...all for no reason.
I also have what looks like permanent pain.
My dx is Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Can you take the Valium long term?
Check out a book called " Striking Back!"
Also check out my previous posts.
Wishing you well..... I know this is very hard.

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Maryellen N
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Hey ibdvine, I am lost here trying to Post!!! Your post describing your strange sensation on the left side of face, etcetera was helpful because I have exactly the same thing!!!
I registered this early morning after finding your post on Google search. I am not used to this website, find it confusing to write a Reply. Anyway thank you, you helped me a lot!!!
Hope you send me a reply someday!
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Lara (10-11-2014)
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Hi Maryellen.

I just sent you a message in the New Members Forum. I see you've found that now.

ibdevine hasn't posted since 2012, so you may not get a reply.

As I said in the other forum, you could check out the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions to get help with how to post a reply or to create new threads.

Try the search feature for any words that you are looking for information about. That'll bring up information but some of it will be dated.

You could start your own thread and then you may be able to get support and information from current members. Just put words in the title that you think are important about your specific condition - e.g. strange sensation - face or something like that.

At the top of this forum too, there are what we call "Sticky Threads" . They contain all the useful websites and other helpful information regarding Trigeminal Neuralgia. Lots of good info. in those.


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Maryellen N
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Default Hope this NT member is still active

Originally Posted by Tebori View Post
Any updates ibdvine? I've found many of these people with similar symptoms and they never follow up on things. I've been having this same things for 7 months and its constant. I've seen many doctors and one neurologist. No one knows what's goin on. Some say irritated trigeminal nerve. I'd really love to hear what has happened since your post. Hope all is well!
hi Tebori, if you are still an active member I will ask you about your symptom of a strange sensation on the face. Hope you got better.Thank you. Maryellen
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I was recently prescribed Micardis for elevated blood pressure. One of it's obscure side effects was jaw and face pain in women with osteoporosis. The symptoms resolved when I discontinued the medication
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Hello guys, sorry to bring up an old thread but I can totally relate to op's symptoms. I always have strange facial tightness/numbness or stiffness on one side of my face for about two months already. However, I still have total control of my face and facial sensation like normal(I look normal too). The area of the symptoms are from my eyelid down to cheek and upper teeth of that side. The symptoms are changing(can switch side like a mirror image), but mainly between the said areas. The upper teeth on the affected side feel kinda swollen and wanting to clench but my teeth are fine. I did a dental x-ray to confirm it. One way for me to check the strange feeling is to make facial expression like moving my cheek or blinking my eyes. If it's there, I will feel like I am moving a 'stiff' cheek. I also suffer from one-sided neck pain too. I also find that wearing glasses will kinda exacerbate the conditions. I have seen eye doctor, ENT, dentist and chiropractor but to no avail. I am currently seeing a chinese neurologist and am under her medication. Can anyone tell me what am I facing? I am only 18 years old and it is not fun to have strange feeling on your face 24/7. Please help me
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Default Strange facial sensations

For the past few months I have been experiencing a strange feeling on the left side of my face. To describe it, all I can say is that it feels like someone is squeezing that side of my face, but at the same time kind of feels numb with some tingling. I feel this more particularly in the corner of my left eye. Can anyone please help my in figuring out what this is?
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Originally Posted by Rab_1379 View Post
For the past few months I have been experiencing a strange feeling on the left side of my face. To describe it, all I can say is that it feels like someone is squeezing that side of my face, but at the same time kind of feels numb with some tingling. I feel this more particularly in the corner of my left eye. Can anyone please help my in figuring out what this is?
I am new to this forum and really wanted to post as I have another similar story.
But I will say all these stories Sound to me like a nerve problems. Any numbness and tingling and other odd feelings tightness seem to be nervy.

I have been experiencing similar sensations on and off for nearly two years.
Mine started during a time I had a chronic systemic infection. While I was sick I started noticing feelings of pins and needles in the left side of my face which seemed to come and go for three months then after that I felt more of a sunburnt feeling from my left ear to my left eye with tightness feelings also like someone had injected concrete in parts of my face.
I now get odd feelings around left side of nose eyebrow area and chin and near left eye all on left side. It's like someone has pressed me in those areas at times. Then I have had a grazed feeling like my face has been rubbed with sandpaper. slapped feelings I get . burning acid feelings then odd aches. I have had the odd jab almost like an icepick. They all come and go in waves.
I have seen a neurologist and had MRIs. Mri was fine.
The latest she said about my case is that my symptoms are probably caused by the illness but I have a neuropathic pain in my trigeminal nerve. Like my nerve has been irritated. She mentioned it could be linked to my migraines also. I don't fit the classic TN symptoms with electric shock sensations. My pain is bearable mostly but not nice. There is still so many question marks on my diagnosis.
I've tried nortyptiline and topomax. Nortriptyline helped me but Could not handle topomax. I am currently off medication and am seeing an upper cervical chiropractor and am on a special diet, fish oil etc. it has not gotten worse but I have good days and then bad. So I can only wait and see and take one day at a time. If anyone has any other thoughts I would also appreciate it.
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face sensation

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