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Surreal Surreal is offline
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Default Kratom for treating TN

Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone else has any experience using Kratom leaf for treating their TN and managing pain.

I'm a 27 year old female and have had type 2 TN for 8 years. I've had years where it never stopped and have gone over a year without any pain. It seems that I have episodes that I can't predict and don't know how long they will last or if the next one will ever actually go away. I've done the medication route and tried them all in many different variations and combinations and doses. I felt some relief but was never pain free. The medications completely ruined my cognitive abilities and I was just a mess and not able to function in another way on top of the pain.

I've looked for alternative treatments for TN but with no luck. I haven't done any surgeries. To be honest, they frighten me and are in no way a sure thing. Not worth the gamble for me. At least not yet. I was very close to considering it just a few months ago when I was experiencing some of the worst TN pain in a long time after I just got my life back together. I was mortified and inconsolable.

In my hunt for a treatment, I discovered Kratom. I'm very surprised I have never heard of it before, especially since it would have been immensely beneficial in multiple medical crises throughout my life. Not to mention getting off of opiates.

When I first started using it I got some pain relief right away. Over the period of a week using it regularly every day, the shooting episodic pains happened less and the chronic ache was not as intense. By the end of the week, ALL MY PAIN WAS GONE!

It hasn't come back so far. I was in such disbelief I even did something really stupid. I tried to set off my TN to see if my mind was playing tricks on me or anything. I just couldn't believe it. But nothing, no pain. It hasn't come back and I haven't set it off.

But I know what I'm going to do if it does come back. Now I use Kratom once in a while for all aches and pains as well as depression and anxiety.

So I'd really like to know, has anyone with TN tried Kratom leaf?

I know it can be controversial to some as the united states is making it illegal since they aren't making money off of it and it's getting a lot of people off drugs and off medications. Honestly, from what I'm reading and hearing from people I'm talking to, it's saved their lives. Lets just say I am very grateful to be in Canada where it is legal to buy. :/
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