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Underlying cause for Benzo use and getting off without withdrawls

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My Mood: Underlying cause for Benzo use and getting off without withdrawls

Originally Posted by onemanatatime View Post
Hello so i have been thinking a lot lately on the reason being that so many people are on - and get stuck on benzodiazepines.

I myself got Klonopin prescribed for managing Fibromyalgia Pains, as i couldn't tolerate opiates, tramadol etc. But i have always used it in a on - off approach due to the fact that i did not want to become dependent , as when i first got sick abroad many years ago with a virus infection of sorts, they got me on high doses off Xanax and i had to get off when i got out of the hospital and home.

But for me Klonopin has always worked good with coping with pain.

BUT i was thinking, keep in mind no case without exception, but could there be a reason why people struggle so hard to get off benzodiazepines , opiates etc. due to the fact that here is an underlying genetic condition making their neurochemistry unbalanced in the first place.

Take me for example i am a strong believer that for any disease, there is a root cause. And therefore i have a strong belief in Functional Medicine approach to health. Surely being in its "infant" part of the "medical revolution" i have found out that instead of you have fibromyalgia that's it , that i had gut issues, leaky gut (i know the tests for this are heavily rejected by some, but if you look into it , it's not that hard to see the logic and mechanism behind the test , how its performed and the answers it gives. And also i had heavy metal toxicity (mercury) and way to much cobber. Bot linked to a whole host of problems including nerve system, chronic inflammation etc.

Now i have been somewhat of a health "freak" biohacker, call it what you want really, for some years now, especially after i got sick. And i am a strong believer that it is possible that a vast majority off people being in pain or sick for what ever reason - there are underlying causes. Genetic factors. Environmental factors and toxic exposures of manny kind.

I myself saw tremendous improvement by cutting gluten, wheat, corn, milk - sugar etc. and going the Paleo approach, which isn't that hard to believe seeing the thousands of people´s testaments by switching diet etc.

My point is that i got genetically tested via 23andme.com and found out several really interesting and cool stuff. For example i'm ApoE E3/E4 which gets me in the category of having higher chance of developing Alzheimer's disease for example and also a high fat low carb diet put my cholesterol in a slightly bad way, so by increasing the carbs to a modest level i can get myself back in the good range.

Also i have deficit in several genes related to decreased GABA activity, which makes me prone to dependency of GABAergic compounds of the benzodiazepine sorts.

So now, that got way longer than intended, but the reason for this post is that i´m gonna off off the drugs completely in end of january and trying to heal fix the withdrawal symptoms completely and hopefully get a desired normal effect in the gaba receptors by supplements. And i am looking for inputs here, on annyone that has tried something similar, or know or heard of someone doing the same, please direct them to my thread.

In my belief the reason that so many have a hard time quitting benzodiazepines and suffers withdrawal or feel so bad that they have to get back on them is in many cases, not all, a strong deficit in their Neurochemistry - gene expressions that they feel the need to go back on.

Also i will experiment with making my own liposomal tinctures containing some of the supplements listed below. i will be posting some guides etc

Heads up - i live in Europe and english is not my mother tongue, so i apologize for any mis typings or bad grammar

Supplements im looking into:

L-Glutamic acid
GABA in LIPOSOMAL form with L-Theanine.
Liposomal CBD (cannabidiol) don't know if spelled that right
Dear friend
Have you been tested for the MTHFR DNA MUTATION
Over fifty percent of the population have the mutation
This I BELEIVE should be in our standard blood panel
It would help PHYSICIANS a base to build on
Good luck with your endeavors
I too am almost a week into withdrawing from Xanax
This was given to me by my cardiologist back around 1995
My blood pressure would be elaveted and my beats per
would rise close to yes three hundred
Stroke material
So DEPLIN should help here and other important issues with
I hope you understand
someone who cares
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Originally Posted by caroline2 View Post
Hi again, I use Gaba capsules, Now Foods brand. 500mg with my sleep combo.

500mg L-Lysine for prevention. I dealt with Herpes probably 40 yrs ago and don't want to think about shingles which many do get. I've never had shingles.

500mg Inositol a couple times per day and this is in my sleep combo as well.

100mg Niacin and 500mg Niacinimide for arthritis management. Some days I take 1000mg Niacinimide. I've been taking Niacinimide for a couple yrs now and believe it's giving me some relief with the OA.

I've bought some Glycine but it drugs me out...so I don't take it.

I also take 3-5 drops of Iosol Iodine daily in clean water now for a few years. When I've missed the Iodine, I would get breast pains. All our body tissues need iodine. I don't eat a lot of seafoods, I do like seafoods but don't go out of my way to buy them. I eat some.

I wanted to mention on the Fibro issue, I was hit with an emotional trauma in July 1999 which knocked my body OFF big time...this was a shocking job loss at age 61...so the fear/fright/flight mode hit me. This happened before I got my thyroid finally supported in 2002....so my thinking is IF the thyroid were in good condition, the trauma would not have been as bad as it hit me.

I had been trying to get thyroid support from 1991 and because of the medical numbers, my doc at the time said I was NORMAL. Not so... I've done so much research and work on the thyroid dsyfunction issue and know that before labs existed, MD's gave desiccated thyroid to patients with a long list of symptoms: depression, hair loss, cold extremeties, fatigue, weakness, pain etc etc etc.....69 some symptoms from sluggish thyroids.

So so many with the normal numbers can use even a theraputic low dose of desiccated thyroid support.

My MOST favorite supplement is grape seed extract and I mention it in my signature. Going on 21 years with it. This antioxidant just helps everything in our bodies work better....and the main reason I got on it was we were told it "may" prevent cancer(s). First thing to go was a lifelong history with allergies/sinus issues.

Well, I've rambled but giving you what helps me a lot....don't forget Vit D, so so many are deficient and have no idea. Oh magnesium too, very important in my life. I've posted a lot in the vit/supps/herb area here. C
I would LOVE to hear more about what Grape Seed Extract has done for you. I have a whole bottle that was sent to me by mistake from lucky vitamins, but they insisted i kept it (so sweet). It is the NOW foods brand and is my first time hearing about. ....

Thank you so much in advance!


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Sarah, grape seed ex is a little short of a miracle in my life.

Due to grape seed ex, I have not taken an allergy/sinus med in 21 yrs soon. Long story and I've posted about this in the Allergy Section here.

My eye sight is pretty darn good for a 78 yr old soon...no major issues and my lenses are still good from the scripts 10 yrs ago...no changes.

My gum health is great and I can thank grape seed extract.

And there is more that I don't know it's helping.

The main reason I started on this OPC in 1995, we were told at a lecture it may prevent cancer....I'm banking on that.

I shop Lucky but they never sent me anything free and told me to keep it....let alone grape seed extract. But I'm not unhappy spending my money on GOOD HEALTH and knowing I have improvements. C
OA onset at 18, now 77. Fibro onset at 61, Hip Replacement "mess" 72 (nerve damage, IT band damage, shorter leg). Otherwise, pretty good health.

Most important supplement: grape seed extract
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